What do you think?

Wanting to get my street teamers thinking about the local music scene, I set them a task of writing about issues that effect them which can act as an obstacle to enjoying music – either as a performer or a music fan! I must say it came as no suprize to hear their views when they came back to me with their findings.

Here are just some of their thoughts!

Why is it a pain to get a gig ticket these days?

By Josh Marshall

A problem that I have come across with getting into big gigs is that they sell out way to fast. for instance, You Me At Six sold out in two days, before I even knew they were coming, It seems  there are not enough tickets or even much notice broadcasting there arrival. It is not until like a week before the tickets come on sale, making it feel extremely stressful as by the time I realise what is going on its too late. Nothing is more horrible as missing one of your favourite bands.

Ticket prices are another issue – some of the prices are just a joke! On one hand I understand that this how venues make their living, but at the same time they should lower it just a little bit because there is a risk of missing out some of an artist’s target audience.

It’s just a real shame when something stops you from going to your favourite bands gig.

Age Restrictions: What A Nightmare!

By Lewis Cowins

Being very into music myself I know that age restriction on venues is a right pain. For example I wanted to go and see one of my favourite bands and inspirations young legionnaire. MY favourite bassist (Gordon Moakes) is a member but I was 16 at the time but the venue they were playing at was theClunyand it is 18+. I was pretty upset as I’ve been wanting to see them live since a couple of month after they formed. They’re a super band and because Bloc Party have reformed again Gordon has gone to play bass at Bloc Party leaving Young legionnaire on hiatus. This could mean I never get to see them live.

As a band you sometimes have a target audience. A band like All Time Low would have a younger age rating of about 12-18 meaning that a lot of their fans couldn’t see them live as most venues are 16+ or 18+. Not only is it making bands lose money, but it’s also upsetting fans that can’t witness their favourite bands live.

Being in a band myself I know that when booking gigs we need to take into account the age restrictions. Most of my friends are about 16 – 17 so I try to book gigs at venues with younger age restrictions so they can come. A lot of promoters in the area only do 18+ venues. This isn’t their fault but it is irritating almost every venue with a bar is 18+ even if you’re there for the music and don’t intend on drinking you still aren’t allowed to see the live music.

The venues with younger age restrictions are usually more expensive to hire as they normally don’t have a bar to make money off drinks. This means that bands have to spend more money and try and sell enough tickets to earn the money back. For a local band this is a challenge as Local bands don’t have a lot of money to spend. If the band doesn’t sell enough tickets they’ll lose out on money and be in a worse place than before the gig.

It is very risky and the Laws are making it harder for local bands.  In my own personal opinion you should be checked for ID on the door and stamped with a pass to prove you are of the legal age to buy alcohol. This would allow people to go and see ALL the bands they want without age restrictions. Making more money to promote the bands and the venues and satisfying the fans.

As a band you want a big crowd and laws are stopping bands from becoming popular. Music is all about being at the right place at the right time in most cases. The law saying that you can’t enter a venue is decreasing your chances of making it. A local band wants to play a lot of gigs to get more fans and become popular and the law is beating them down.

I don’t agree with it at all, but there is nothing I can do?


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