Her Bright Skies: A Swedish Band Who Know How To Kick Ass!!!


Emorock, emopop, popcore, postpop, poppunk, postcore, metalcore, popmetal…

Getting confused? You are not alone.

At a time when more bands have developed a healthy disregard for the boundaries connected with musical categorization, we are struck with a new affliction: genre bewilderment. What the hell do all those genres mean?

Her Bright Skies, Sweden’s most forceful new energy producers, had enough of wimpy and limiting categorization; they decided to take it back to the fundamentals. When their new bomb “Causing a Scene” (release March 24, Panic & Action / Bonnier Amigo Distribution) hits the streets this spring it is clear that what we are witnessing is rock music played by a rock band.
Nothing more, nothing less. You don’t have to be complicated to be exciting and unique.

Her Bright Skies have developed a distinctly modern sound, with piercing melodies, emotive vocals and an ever-rising tidal wave of fans – all on their own terms. “Causing a Scene” displays a band which has purified its sacred mission to carry your ass into a world where music is first and foremost a party – not psychoanalysis. With both feet firmly entrenched in the American tradition of melodic punk, pop and metal, Her Bright Skies have developed a way to lift themselves out of small town boredom all the while creating their own niche: energetic rock conveyed with a touch of that indefinable, Nordic sound. The cockiness and the musical language is American, but the accent is perfectly Swedish.

So make no mistake: this is a well-prepared feast. “Causing a scene” is delivered with the utmost sense of quality control and attention to detail, all the while steering clear of the treacherous sappiness of modern emo. Both music and lyrics are crystal clear, completely devoid of filler. Lyrical topics concern eternal themes of the roughness of love and life, but are filtered through the eyes of one of Scandinavia’s most ambitious bands on steady route out into a world which demands their services with increasing fervor.

“Causing A Scene” lands at a time when the world is in desperate need of a new generation of rock and pop. At a time when luminous Swedish old schoolers like The Hives and Millencolin are just about ready for retirement, Her Bright Skies represent hot desire, rebirth and furious vitality in 2010.

The flames have started rising again. Her Bright Skies fuels the fire.

(Biography Courtesy of Panic & Action)

To find out more information about the band please go to their official website http://herbrightskies.com/ 


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