Hey Sugar: WOW This Canadian Band Are Absolutely Brilliant!

 Hey Sugar Review

 By Dee

  Many of you will know that it was due to my time inCanadaback in 2004 that I came to the dark side and fell in love with the alternative music scene. Artists such as Billy Talent, Sum 41 and Simple Plan acted like a catalyst and as a result I became exposed to a world of amazing music.

 Taking this into consideration I want to tell you about this fecking brilliant Montreal band, who go by the name of Hey Sugar. When their Manager, Chris told me about them I was totally excited to check them out because it was the first time I had heard of them – yet they had already gone very far with their music such as being part of this years legendary Warped Tour.

 In order to feel the energy and passion Hey Sugar put into their music, the best thing you could do is to check out some of the official music videos they created. The very first one I was able to see was ‘All That I Need’. The song is so powerful, with beats that are catchy, insane and make you wanna dance away and bop your head. The vocals are totally stunning as well. When I first heard them, it almost reminded me of the likes of another amazing band called Emanuel – another great band I was into back in the day!

 What I like about “All That I Need’ as a video is it shows the guys playing their music – unlike most videos where you wonder what the hell is going on – thus taking away your attention from pay attention to the song. However by take this stripped down simple approach – even though the band are yet to come to UK shores, it gives you a sneak peak at what their performance would be like if you were every to see them perform live. A totally insane and electrifying set!

 I cannot talk about Hey Sugar without mentioning a song and music video which made me totally speechless because it created a mini party inside my head once I clicked the play button. Named ‘This Is So Good’, not only does the title give a perfect description of this track and fantastic band, but it is so fucking fantastic that it just blows your mind. I thought ‘All That I Need’ was epic, but my god ‘This Is So Good’ just leaves me stunned. It is the time of song that definitely puts you in a good mood – a mood well you are left 100% hyper.

 The great thing about Hey Sugar is that even their less hyper tracks are still full of intense energy. ‘Standing By The Crossroads’ is a fine example of how this band can experiment with their material, offer a bit of variety but at the same time preserve their identity, thus making them totally outstanding.

 Like anything I write, my review of Hey Sugar is based on my very first impressions – and what I heard was enough to make me think to myself – show these guys some support so we can get them over to our side of the world quickly!

 Follow the band on their Facebook by clicking here.  


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