26 September 2011: Dave Barron Band Interview


Interview with Dave Barron 26th September 2011

Questions by D

If you were to define your music to new listeners, what would you describe it as?

Dave: Well I’d say the closest thing you can call it is a cross between Muse and the Chillie Peppers. Muse because I naturally edge toward classical style and the Chillies because i like a funky feel also though not every track reflects this. You’d be amazed how many people that they can hear bands that I’ve never even listened to!   
What has been the most enjoyable and memorable part of your career?
Dave:I’m at the early stages of my career as yet but thus far just playing live is awesome. As the ball rolls and the music gains poularity and credibilty it just feels better and better. playing live is just about as reciprocal as it gets.
Earlier this year you released your album Moonshine and Spiders (Feb 2011), how did it feel to get your music out?
Dave: I felt very acheived. It was reasonably expensive and took alot of hard work to record. I get very critical of what I record and so I re-recorded quite a few tracks and some I changed completey at the production stage. Then I had a hideous lingering throat bug as I started recording the vocals. Sheesh kebeb, that was a pain, especially as I’d booked the hall for the launch and half of Stafford were turning out!     
aving read your biograpghy I noticed you have played some pretty amazing instruments – what gave you the idea to incorporate the didgeridoo in your material?
Dave: I play the didge in my set because it is so atmospheric. It has a very haunting quality and can sound quite ‘rock’ in the correct circumstance. And it’s quite good play on stage simply for the variety of it and to get a good jam going with it. We have to remember that my didge is in B though and not to get too carried away with evrything.
For many years you have always helped other bands and solo artists writing their material, how easy have you found it doing it for your own music?!
Dave:I’ve written almost from the outset of playing the guitar. It was very natural to sing along with playing and i always tended to do my own thing. I couldn’t count all the tunes that I’ve composed to be honest. I actually find it harder to co write beacuse when I’m playing I’m always singing t the same time and something always seems to come up. To my great shame I am no team player. 
What challenges have you had to face?
Dave:My biggest challenge is to get the music out there and as much as possible. unfortunately band members have jobs and commitments and so can’t gig as much as I’d like and the line up varies due to this. We operate between 4 and 6 people generally.   
What plans have you got in the future?
Dave: Well , i’m about 14 songs into my next album and no doubt I’ll write a good few more and get rid of some so as to get the best result and I hope to do a greater number of gigs to larger crowds. I’d like to see my material do something big and it’d be good to do it on an usigned basis which is probably a tad unrealistic in earnest. But i see every album sale as a success which I’m grateful for and on that basis everything is good no matter what the scale.
How does it feel having the support of your local fans, as well as your fellow local musicans?
Dave: just fantastic. It’s quite funny that people have seen you on stage and then say hello in the street and you don’t know who they are due to the blanket nature of the crowd, but it’s good that they’ve actually noticed and made a note. And I suppose as far as musicians go , again, it’s very positive which is good and I have to say, it’s due to some really good players giving me their time that i can get out and play. God bless ’em!
Is there anything you wish you did differently?
Dave:I think every path you take in life leads to somewhere and as long as you learn from any mistakes and don’t continually bang your head against the wall, you can’t really regret anything because it’s all part of the picture and a lesson learned so I don’t think I’d change anything.
what song stands out from all the rest?
Dave:I suppose this is really personal rather than subjective. I particularly like track 13 on the album which is called ‘too much to be’. It is dramatic and melodic with some exiting highs and lows which head towards a spine tingling crassendo (is that the correct spelling?) and then an exhausted close. I’m pleased with that one.
Where do you see yourself this time next year?
Dave: Heading toward a second album release with a large fanbase would be nice. My intrinsic optimism always always drives me to better things and the quality of material is there, so I don’t think it’s too unrealistic to be realised.  
you have some upcoming gigs in October and November – what are you looking forward the most about those shows?
Dave: I’m looking forward to having new audiences and to become know in new territory. A new area is always a good indicator of how good your songs are as the crowd are not neccesarily there to see you. If you go down well , then you know you’re on the right track.
What words of advice would you give to others wanting to pursue their passion for singing or being part of a band?
Dave:If you love music then do it for the sake of doing it rather than having huge expectatons from it and then packing it in just because the expectations don’t happen. Good thing take time and songwriting, like all crafts, gets better with time and exerience. Never give up and most of all enjoy it
For further information about this brilliant artist, visit: www.myspace.com/barronone and www.davebarronmusic.co.uk . Furthermore you can all get your hands on the album  ‘moonshine and spiders’  on i tunes.

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