Across 5 Aprils

Questions By Bishop FM’s Sir D

Answers By Brandon (Lead Singer)


Sir D: Where did the name of your band originate from?

Brandon: We stole it from an old book title about the civil war.

Sir D: How would you define your band and the music you play, to people listening to your music for the first time may not be familiar with your music?

Brandon: We’re an aggressive band with melodic intentions sent here to take over the world.

Sir D: Do you think there is anything specific which makes you different from any other band out there?!

Brandon: We’re a band that plays heavy music but can mesh well with lots of different styles. We could fit well on a Hatebreed tour as well as a Silverstein tour. We’ve been told that there’s just something about our music that people can identify with.

Sir D: How did the members in the band meet?!

Brandon: We’ve all been real good friends for a long time and we’ve all been in bands previously. We all just see eye to eye when it comes to how we feel about playing music for a living.

Sir D: Having recently signed with Victory Records what things are you looking forward to the most, which you may of not had the opportunity to do before?!

Brandon: I’m hoping that Victory Records can help us get out to more people, both record sales wise and touring. We would like to play our music for as many people as possible.

Sir D: What Have Been Your Highlights of the year?

Brandon: We’re about to go to Russia! We’re pretty stoked on that.

Sir D: What would you like to accomplish this time next year?

Brandon: I’d like to be going to Japan and Australia and have a hit record out.

Sir D: For the material you write for songs – where do you look for inspiration?

Brandon: On the last record I wanted to convey what was going on in my head and I hinted at what I was wanting to say but no one got it.. So with this record I’m just flat out saying what I think and if you don’t like it too bad. I’m singing about things that appeal to me. Things like running away from faith, being smarter than blindly believing something. And of course being a polar bear.

Sir D: Personally what do you believe are the key things to take into consideration for succeeding in the music industry?

Brandon: In our genre of music the keys to success are: 1. Tour your ass off 2 Be smart with your decisions on everything. 3. Lastly be happy with everything you do, it’s not worth it if you hate what you’re doing, be happy


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