Darkus Meets……Hey Sugar

 Darkus Meets Hey Sugar

I reviewed their music not so long ago, so it would be rude of me not to speak to this amazing Canadian band to find out more about them.


Questions By Dee

Answers by Hey Sugar

 Dee: Hi guys how are you? First things, first, what motivated you all to be part of Hey Sugar?

 Hey Sugar: hey hello! thanks for the interview!  The main goal was to bring rock and roll back from the dead . To promote something real and wild. To play real music with real instruments and to live on the road playing in different cities everyday.

 Dee: If people were to listen to your music for the very first time, what would they expect to hear?

 HS:  They’re going to feel like they are riding down the road by a sunny summer day listening to loud 70s rocknroll but with a sound more defined and powerful from today.

 Dee: What is it you think gives your music the edge?

 HS: I guess it’s because we are trying to do it the honest way.  We want to promote something real and intense. We were all listening to old rock and roll bands since we were kids and to bring back that 70s flavour of “freedom” and “rock and roll” but in a different way makes  it  very interesting.

 Dee: Doing a bit of research on your amazing progress as a band, I understand when it came to working on the debut album, ‘Along for the ride’ you were working closely with Matt Ray, Joao Carvalho and Oli Jean. What was that experience like?

 HS:  It was a real good experience. we tried a lot of different things in studio , spending so many days trying to combine  this modern sound, that “heavy touch” we have and at the same time trying to keep  a vintage feel  through it. Those guys helped us a lot. Then Joao Carvalho (Alexisonfire, Protest the Hero..) did the mastering bringing the last coating on it.

 Dee: When the album was finally completed how did you feel?

 HS: Its so good to hold your first album in your hands. We worked but the whole thing is exactly what we wanted it to be. We did learn so much and determinate completely what Hey Sugar would sound and looks like. We are actually working on the second album since the day we finished it.

 Dee: I understand this year you will be part of the Warped Tour – when you were informed about this what was your reaction?

 HS: It is a dream since we were kids to play there,when we were 16 we wanted to bring rock and roll into that music scene  we knew there was a place for that kind of sound  and now the time has come to do it.  I sure know there is a crowd for us in there. We will do what we always do and I know it will lead us somewhere.

 Dee: Staying with the Warped tour for a moment, how important do you think the experience will be to Hey Sugar?

 HS: So many bands played on the warped stages. Its a kind of boot-camp for bands I heard. So intense, so fun but yet so demanding at the same time.

 I know a big part of our crowd goes to the warped tour so sure it will have a huge impact on the Hey Sugar story.

 Dee: From the debut album – were there any particular tracks that you enjoyed making the most?

 HS: I think the most important song on any album is the first one, the opening.Its your chance to wrap the one who s listening to your album into a specific vibe you wanted to take him.

 On “Along For The Ride” we wanted to bring that particular summer feeling recorded in the middle of a field by the countryside .

 With that mythic Robert Jonhson’s song “crossroads” playing softly on the back you can get there in 2 seconds. And then boom, ‘Along for the ride’ starts playing explaining the whole idea of the album into the lyrics. I heard it thousands times but I still get shivers every time it begins with “walking toward a common goal we are heading to the new horizon…”!

 Dee: When you unleashed your music to the crowds back in Montreal, what was the reaction like?

 HS: We start at the bottom of the ladder building a fan base. we played with hardcore bands, punk rock bands, country bands. sometimes it was a really weird mix. But its fun cause we fit with a lot of different music styles and every time people love it young or old. Its good for us. It started with friends and then friends of friends and now every time we are playing in Montreal we have bigger crowds. It’s blowing me out every time. Good to see that people like what we do

 Dee: What is the most rewarding part of being in Hey Sugar?

 HS:  That feeling you have when you just played somewhere and then you re driving to the next city into that bus that practically became our home with those guys who are more than a family now. That is what makes it totally rewarding. Doing things as we feel it. Its all about that feeling of being at the right place in the right time of your life.

 Dee: From the very first moment I checked out your music I was totally impressed. I completely respect you for the feel good vibe you created when I listened to your tracks. With this in mind – when the hell are you going to come over to England?!

 HS: We are actually working on this. If you know anyone willing to help us. Get ready !

 Dee: How can people find out more about Hey Sugar?

 HS: Facebook, You Tube & heysugarband.com

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