Darkus Online Magazine Speaks to Cage & Aviary

A couple months back, I reviewed Migration by the excellent Duo, Cage & Aviary. I recently caught up with these awesome guys to find out more about there brilliant music!

Questions by Dee

Answers by Nigel & Jamie

Q: How did you come to know eachother?

Nigel: Jamie and I met at a night called “Good Luck Studio” about 5 years ago. Jamie was one of the guys running the night and I was playing with one of the other guys running the night. We realized we both lived in South East London and liked Another Green World by Brian Eno. We started jamming and that was that.

Q: What was it that motivated you to want to take up music?

Nigel: I played instruments from the age of 6 and since I remember I have been fascinated by music. I still don’t get how it can communicate so much on so many levels and that keeps me going.

Q: How would you summarize your music to new listeners in a sentence?

Nigel: Post Modern Proto House

Q: As new comers to the music scene, what do you think makes you stand out and gives you the edge?

Jamie: I think we have our own sound which is pretty important. Although collectively we are new-ish, to describe us as newcomers to the music scene probably isn’t accurate… if only!

Q: Were there any specific goals you set in place when it came to creating your fabulous debut album Migration?

Nigel: That it would sound great at 2 in the morning

Q: Having completed the album, what was going through your head once it had be completed?

Jamie: ‘Thank fuck for that’, followed by ‘maybe another few dubs are in order’

Q: What would you say is the track which stands out to you the most, and gets the adrenaline pumping everytime its performed?

Nigel: I honestly don’t know.

Q: What challenges do you think you have encountered as a result of choosing this particular genre?

Jamie: We haven’t chosen a genre, we’re just doing what we feel like doing to be honest. Some people refer to it as Nu Disco, but we don’t – our references are far and wide from house to indie to funk to industrial, besides which what a fucking awful name Nu Disco is, like a cheap and shitty version of the real thing.

Q: What have  been the highpoints of 2011?

Jamie:Well definitely finishing the album!

Q: What would you like to accomplish in 2012?

Jamie: Push our live show further, write some new material, gig and dj more aroundEuropeand beyond. Get the backlog of releases out on our label, The Walls Have Ears.

Q: Is there any place in particular where you receive great support from new fans?

Jamie: For some reason we seem to be popular inFrance, I guess because we are so damn sophisticated.

Q: So you are creating amazing beats, take us through the creative process of what you regard as being a successful creation?

Nigel: A day of creating parts in the studio. 6 months of deleting them until only the good bits remain.

Q: When is the best time would you say to get creative? Or would you say it can be a random thing?

Jamie: Inspiration is totally random – but if you set yourself a solid work routine you’ll be ready when that inspiration hits. For us, it tends to be when we are both in the room, throwing an idea back and forth.

Q: How has working with labels such as EPM helped to take Cage & Aviary to the next level?

Jamie: We’ll tell you in a few months! Hopefully.

Q: How easy is it to balance Cage & Aviary with your everyday lives?

Nigel: Not to be flippant but this is what I do. Everyday life for me is making music. That naturally means that I am usually skint. But happy.

Q: Where can people find out more information about your amazing music and the addictive, Migration album?

Jamie: Well you can hear more of our tracks and remixes on our Soundcloud page –


And keep in touch on good ol facebook – facebook.com/CageAndAviary


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