Darkus speaks to CANCER

Questions By Dee

Answers By Joel Bader (Bass and Vocals)

 Dee: Greetings guys! How did the journey of CANCER begin – in terms of how you all met each other?

 Joel: Hey! Hey! Thanks for having us! we all played in different bands and
Sven still does…Silvio played in a metal band called Zatokrev. I was
playing in a band called Slimboy which was an alternative band and Sven
plays in a band called snitch!

 Me and Silvio were friends and played
together a long time, when we were searching a new Bass player…Things
turned out different and we found a new friend and instead of bass he
played the guitar and sang…so I switched to bass and I still sing
too! Funny how life goes sometimes!
Dee: Being together since 2009 how do you think you have progressed as a band?

 Joel: A lot! Listen to our new EP and to our debut album…! We do have two good songwriters now and we realized that we wanna sound on the record
as we sound live! Crazy what happened to this band in 3 years!
Dee: Complete the sentence: Cancer is a great band to be part of because……….

Joel: We tour a lot and we play shows I would have never dreamed of!
Dee:  With their being three of you in the group – do you think this makes it easier to make agreements quicker?

Joel: Oh yeah, I think so…but that’s not the reason we are 3 🙂
Dee:  Do you think releasing your debut album “FAMILY, MUSIC, ME” in 2010 was a turning point for the band?

Joel: It was the debut album…it was more a start…a good one though!

Dee: What would you say makes your music unique?

 Joel: The fact that I love it!
Dee: I had a chance to check out some of your tracks. From first impressions I was amazed at what I was hearing. One of my personal favourites was Find Your Way Home. What would you say is the song which gives you the most pleasure?

 Joel: Hahaha, find your way home is sung by “Nathan Gray”, singer of
Boysetsfire…nice, you chose the only one I haven’t sung:)


Anyways…my personal favourites are “I felt hope” and “Over and out” …from the debut album…we do have a new EP coming out in May…some new favourites are in the pipeline…hahaha

 Dee’s Comments to this answer: Damn don’t I feel totally embarrassed now haha. What are the chances of picking the song you didn’t do vocals for haha. Oh well I heard the other two just now and they are fecking insane too 😀
Dee: Describe how the Switzerland music scene helped support your music, especially during the early days?

Joel: Since we all played and still play in well known bands in different
genres, it definitely helped that fans and other musicians already knew you
and were surprised that a “metal head”, combined with two “punks”
could sound that fresh!


Dee: All your songs I have heard are presented in English – how easy is it to make that switch from your native tongue to another language?

 Joel: Firstly I hate songs in Swiss German!
Its way easier for me and Sven to sing about stuff we feel, etc. in
English…I don’t know why…it’s just like that!


Dee: Who would you say are your biggest supporters?

 Joel: That’s why our debut was called “Family, Music, Me.”

Dee: What was your impression of each other when you first met? Do you think the chemistry was instant or took some time?

 Joel: When I first met Silvio, we definitely were not friends at first sight:) it
took some time…maybe that is why it’s like it is nowadays!

 When we met Sven first, we felt like we would knew each other for ages…it was strange but we found a new friend right on the spot!

Dee: What has been the highlight of your journey so far?

 Joel: Hmm…The journey itself:) so many…too many…Ok, being an MXPX
Allstar is quite a highlight:) and of course our new EP!

Dee:  What methods did you adopt to spread the message about your Band’s existence?

 Joel: Facebook, fans, website, shows, Myspace (back in the days) 🙂 and
people like you who are interested supporting the scene!

Dee:  What is the most rewarding part of being part of CANCER?

 Joel: Being able to tour almost all over the world and have 2 friends to share it with!

For more information on CANCER check out: http://www.cancerband.ch


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