Evelyn – Part 2

By Mixxi Rossander

Interveiw: (For the Swedish versionof the interveiw and also the reveiw, go to myspace.com/sridsst) Evelyn is the first band to get interveiwed by the Swedish Street Teem and the first in Sweden to get inteveiwed for Darkus.

We’d like to thank the band so much for letting us do this and recomend everyone to check out their myspace page; myspace.com/evelynjkpg . The bandmembers are Erik Brolin, Jacob Lennartsson, Jonas Blomquist och Arvid Öhrn (new bass player coming soon). Evelyn was formed in the summer of 2007 and their first show was played in Norway.

The boys are now 15, 16 and 17 years old men they’re aiming towards the top and wants to be the best. This christmas they will be recording a 6-track EP and will be released next year. They have had about 20 shows and, most of them, close to where they live. Last november they were on tour with Melissa Burns Trey, where they had to cancel a show in Gothenbrug.

The club they were playing at had an age limit of 15, and a certain member (they say looking at Erik) was only 14 by then so there was nothing else to do but cancel. Many people relate Evelyns music with Her Bright Skies and Intohimo but according to the band itself they don’t see BS as an influense and says that everyone’ve already heared HBS and that it’s their turn to enter the spotlight.

They’re very talented and mature for their young age and in the future they might want to do movie soundtracks to films like Transformers or maybe even Twilight. Evelyn wants to be the greatest and with their fokus and attitude they will without a dout go really far.

Make sure to check out their myspace, liveshows and to get the EP next year. Again, a big, big thanks to Evelyn for the interveiw and hopefully we’ll see tem more in the future!

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