Inside the Mind of Ashley Vaughan.


A new solo artist by the name of Ashley Vaughan is making an amazing impact on the music industry, with his popularity growing all around the globe. As I was impressed with Ashley’s rapid success and dedication as a solo artist, it would be rude of me not to take the opportunity to interview this talented dude!

Below you will therefore the interview, with some pretty juicy and specatular words from the man him self.

Sir D: explain how you were motivated to want to start singing as a solo artist?

Iv always loved singing,from a really early age and after a while knew i was competent enough to perform to people it was just learning the other instruments that was the problem but i persevered because all iv ever wanted to do was to be in music. I also think its a small adventure being a solo artist, when you go to gigs and open mics you meet more people than you would if you were in a band because you tend to be more sociable especially if you havent got any friends watching!
Sir D: how would you describe your music to potential new listeners?

 My music is contemporary singer/songwriter style in the most parts but iv tried to experiment with different the most part if you like james morrison/damien rice then you may enjoy this
Sir D: where do you get your inspiration from?

 inspiration comes from literally anywhere,it can either be something that happens during a day,a deep personal experience,the standard relationship cliche or even just a word or phrase that pops up that i can write a story around 

Sir D: what do you think, gives your music the edge?

What gives my music the edge is probably lyrics and vocals,iv had to work a lot harder to make the songs better and better because i didnt have the same budget that a lot of artists do, meaning that the production on the songs was always going to be small therefore the songs really had to hold up
Sir D: Do you see being a solo artist as being a challenge or a blessing, compared to if you were in a band?

I see it as a bit of both, it would be a lot easier to be in a band as not only does it share the responsibility in a live performance and gives you a bigger range of thing to play but in the writing process its often quite nice to bounce ideas off people. however in some respects its nice to be a solo artist as it gives you more control over what you are doing and gives you a greater sense of achievement when things go right. 

Sir D: how many hours a week do you spend practising?

I practise pretty much every day even if its just for an hour,its good to keep ready and “gig fit” so even if its just messing around with covers for a bit it helps to keep it going, sometimes iv written and recorded things then struggled to remember the words so i have to practise for hours and hours before they are ready for shows!
Sir D: if you could reflect on 2011, what would you say were your main highlights?

so far in 2011 there have been quite a few highlights.firstly theres obviously finally finishing recording and also releasing an album.having thought about it and messed around with the idea for years it was incredible to finally see it go live.apart from that id say that highlight would be breaking the top 100 worldwide on an internet radio station and also my first radio airplays and interviews. its all come at a bit of a whirlwind but its been awesome so far

Sir D: how do you manage to balance your music with your everyday life?

 Its not too bad to balance really, i play some sports and do other bits and pieces which keep me sane but the music always has to come first, if iv got to play at a weekend say, then i have to drop things and go play, promotion is so essential at the moment. The only problem is the traveling involved,im constantly between the south west and the midlands and sometimes even london so im starting to do a fair few miles in the car but it all gets done!

Sir D: How have you found the reaction of your audiences so far?

Sometimes its very difficult to get a reaction,i get told its getting played in some local radio station but i never usually get the feedback. Recently however its been reviewed by radio djs in america,canada,europe and all over the uk and the reaction has been mindblowing, weve had 10/10’s in all of those areas and the song agreed to be played on stations in some big cities so hopefully that helps spread the album out to a lot of people. i think its easy to get carried away when things like that happen but its still very early days so im just going to keep plugging away
Sir D: what can people expect in the coming months?

In the next few months i shall be attempting to really gig a lot not only to promote the album but also cause i love doing it! the majority of it will most likely be in the east midlands and the south west but hopefully i can pick up other gigs across the country,its nice to go and play in different places especially london where iv always enjoyed playing. Apart from that i shall be hopefully exploring the world of youtube and posting them to my pages ( and continue writing,its always good to have more songs so i try to keep it going. Hopefully theres more airplays and interviews to come and i shall be looking into festivals and big shows also.


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