Questions by Sir D

Answers By Jocke

Sir D: Where did the band’s name originate from?

Jocke: Intohimo is a Finnish word. And it is a word for passion.

Sir D: Summarize your band in one sentence. 

Jocke: Funny, crazy and dedicated.

Sir D: What, in your opinion makes you unique to other bands?!

Jocke: It is really hard to say. Every band try to get their own sound. But it is so hard in this genre because it is so small. We are trying to give a meaning with the music.

We play music because it is so fun. But we also play because we want to share our thoughts about the life(the lyrics) and to give kids a hope with our music. And just taking it more serious now. And we are not to nervous like the first period. It was to much some times hehe..

Sir D: How did the members in the band meet?!

 Jocke: We all wanted to start a hardcore band and everyone did not know each other. But we decide to practice and after the first time everyone was in love haha. And we start to play more serious.

Sir D: What Have Been Your Highlights for 2009?

Jocke:It was when we played a support show for Underoath in Sweden. It was amazing. And when our album Us, the hollows get on the billboard list here in Sweden.

Sir D: What do you want to achieve this time this year?

Jocke: We want to find a label in the states. And try to get good support shows and tours. I think that is our main goal this year…

Sir D: Thinking back, how was your first appearance on stage when you first performed to present day?

Jocke: Everything was just chaos haha. Everyone in the band did not know what they other play. We just jumping around and had a great time. Today our performance is more under control in a good way..

Sir D: What factors help you to look for inspiration, when it comes to doing things such as the material for your songs?

Jocke: having time for yourself and just be alone. And try to focus.

Sir D: Personally what do you think helps a band make their mark in the music industry?

Jocke: Take time to promote your band. Send cds to labels, magazines, bookers. And really work to get the music out in the mark. Because no one gonna do it for you in the start.

Sir D: Describe a Typical Day For The band?

 Jocke: 8 hours in a van, one sandwich on a day. And 40 crazy minutes on the stage

Sir D: Starting at a very young age, how did you find the support of your family and friends?

Jocke: Really. Our parents helped us out with money sometimes. And cars when we not have our own van. And they just support us to 100% Our friends support us on the shows and was giving some hopeful words to us.

Sir D: Your current album is Us, The Hollows. What can the listener expect from this album?

Jocke: A mix between hard and catchy music in a good way. With interesting melodies, vocals and rhythm.

 Sir D: Out of the tracks you have made on this album, which one has been your favorite (if any) to produce and/or play?

Jocke: Mirror,Mirror is one of the favorites both to play and to perform live.

Sir D: What do you believe as a band and individually you have learnt about yourselves while being in the band?

Jocke: I think it is really much things. But one thing is that you learn to handle hard situations together and have patience with each other. And other people. you also learn to be really social and it is easy to get new friends. Because on tour it always many people.


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