Love Hate Hero


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Questions by Sir D

Answers By Love Hate Hero’s  Thrasher & Paris

Sir D: Where did the band’s name originate from?

Thrasher: Hours of bickering between the band haha. We went through about 15 band names untill we came up with this one. Our first choice was just LoveHate but that was a band in the 80s so we added hero and it had an epic ring to it. We bought the domain name and we were complete

Sir D: Summarise your band in one sentance.

Thrasher: Awesome , rockin, golden..

Sir D:  What, in your opinion makes you unique to other bands?!

           Thrasher: I mean there is always something that makes a band unique to others, even the most unoriginal bands. The thing that makes us unique is our diverse tastes in music. We all have strong voices in all the songs. My guitar work has got a mix from all these players that i looked up to growing up, and i think it all got twisted up in my head and gets thrown up in my own style. Pierrick has a wide range vocally as you can hear through our new record “America Underwater.”

Sir D: Thinkiing back, how was your first appearance on stage when you first performed to present day?

 Thrasher:  We have definitely grown after years of rigorous touring. The first time we played together we were obviously a little rough around the edges. Now we have grown and use the stage as a portal to communicate to the audience. we really feed off each other now and just have fun and rock the stage!

 Sir D:  How did the members in the band meet?!

  Pierrick and Paris grew up together and were in LoveHateHero and put out the first record “Just Breathe”. Then they found Scott through myspace. They were on tour with a fill in guitar player when they stumbled upon Thrasher who was opening up in a local band. They asked him to join and a day after graduating high school he moved to LA. and thats when we really took shape.

 Sir D: What Have Been Your Highlights for 2009?

 Thrasher: 2009 has been an incredible year for us. We wrapped up our new record this year, played a bunch of amazing tours, and just got off Warped Tour. We are anticipating the release for the new record(Sept 29th) and a video which we shot for our first single “America Underwater”

 Sir D:What do you want to achieve this time this year?

Thrasher: We want to get more fans out to shows, play bigger venues and get out to the UK!!

Sir D: What factors help you to look for inspiration, when it comes to doing things such as the material for your songs?

 Thrasher: Well personally  I get inspired by anything I listen to, whether it’s the Black Eyed Peas or it’s Cradle of Filth. Really it comes down to listening to your heart and being honest to yourself.

 Sir D: Personally what do you think helps a band make their mark in the music industry

             Thrasher: Good promotion, being loud and writing a great fucking song!

Sir D:  Describe a Typical Day For The band?

 Thrasher:  Well a typical day on tour is waking up at a Starbucks, getting washed up in the bathroom haha. Then hangin out for a little bit on our laptops getting caught up with the rest of the world. Then we go to the venue setup gear do a soundcheck and try to stay out of trouble before we play. After the shows we meet the fans take a few pictures. after that there are usually a couple parties to choose from, then we hit the road depending on how far the drive is.

 Sir D:How did you find the support of your family and friends when you first started out to present day?

 Thrasher: I got my first guitar when I was 8. My family and friends have fully supported me and I can honestly say I’d probably not be where i am today without them.

  Paris:  my parents have always supported me with everything ive done. its good to know youre never gonna get evicted from your home or not have food in the fridge.

Sir D: Your latest  album America Underwater is released 29 September 2009. What can the listener expect from this album?

           Thrasher:  The listener can expect to have choruses and melodies that can only be removed from your head by a bullet or surgery haha. And comment us on <>  when you listen to the record, and tell us what you think! we run our own myspace so you will be getting a response from us:)

Sir D:Out of the tracks you have made on this album, which one has been your favourite (if any) to produce and/or play?

Thrasher:Our favorite track to play is the first song on the Album. It’s called Saints and Sinners(HisStory). On warped tour we would have massive circle pits during that song! Nothing beats that energy. It’s hotter than the sun! and recording was just off the hook! working with Daniel James and Lea Haywood  was a dream come true!

Sir D: What do you believe as a band and individually you have learnt about yourselves while being in the band?

  Thrasher: I graduated high school and joined a touring band right after. Being in a touring band has been my college. I’ve learned so much in the last few years that I highly doubt any college would have taught me. Things from business to relationships with people. I live in a tour bus most of the year with 8 people and while I’m not in the bus I’m out talking to hundreds of people. We have friends everywhere we go.

Paris: I used to be a pretty shy guy and even getting on stage in front of 100 people made me feel queezy. I actually almost threw up the first time we practiced together as a band haha i was young and dumb . but being on stage and meeting people and talking to fans has really brought out the best in me. i overcame my stage fright and never hold anything back now. 


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