MXPX: Sucess: Past, Present and Beyond!


Questions By Sir D

Answers By MXPX Drummer Yuri Ruley

February 2009

Sir D: Where did the band’s name originate from?

Yuri: Our original guitarist ( Andy ) wore a shirt that was nicknamed “The Magnified Plaid shirt” by a friend of ours. We thought Magnified Plaid had a catchy ring to it, so the name stuck. For the first few months of the bands existence we were only known as Magnified Plaid. But at some point MxPx was born out of some doodles I had done. The M and P standing for Magnified Plaid, and the X’s were a more interesting version of a period, or “full stop” as you Brits call it.

Sir D: How was the band formed?

Yuri: Mike and Andy ( who were friends from childhood ) started playing together a few months after they picked up their respective instruments for the first time. I met them a few months after that. Basically, they needed a drummer and I needed a band. There really wasn’t much to it.

Sir D: How would you define your band and the music you play, to people listening to your music for the first time may not be familiar with your music?

Yuri: We’ve always just kept it simple and called ourselves a pop-punk band. But like every band, our specific individual influences refine our “sound”.
From the many tours you have taken part in, which tour if any has been the most memorable and why? We’ve spent nearly 14 years touring the world. We’ve probably been on over 100 different tours throughout the years. So it’s a tough call, but I’d have to say that The Warped Tours that we’ve been on have been the most memorable. Every day was an adventure. It’s also one of the hardest tours to do.

Sir D: Is there anything in your opinion makes you unique to other bands?!

Yuri: In my opinion, the thing that sets us apart from some other bands is our ability to connect with our audience in a very personal way. We’re not untouchable, and I think that’s why we’ve been able to maintain a career for nearly 20 years.

Sir D:  How has 2009 been for the band so far?

Yuri: We’re finishing a cover record that is slated to come out in late March.

Sir D: What goals have the band set in place for the year ahead?

 Yuri:We plan on doing some touring in continental Europe ( sorry England ) and Japan within the next six months. We will be releasing a DVD of three concerts we played last year. That’s call Triple Threat. You can by that on our web store. And we’ve got a few more things up our sleeve for later in the year that you’ll just have to wait to see.

Sir D: MXPX is well known for insane and awesome albums such as Secret Weapon, Before Everything And After , and Lets Rock. From all of the albums you have created as band, which has been your most enjoyable to make?

Yuri:Life In General, because I pushed myself to a new level of musicianship. And Panic, for the same reason but in a different way.

Sir D: In every band there is a joker, a ladies man, and the chilled out one. Which category do you believe you and the other band members fall into?

Yuri: Hmm, Well In our band we rotate roles depending on our moods. I bounce between the joker and the chilled out one. I think both Mike and Tom have taken their turns as the ladies man throughout our bands lifetime.

Sir D: MXPX are due to release the Triple Threat DVD later this year – what can fans expect from the DVD?

Yuri:It’s 3 shows that we played in 2008. It’s just us doing what we do best.

Sir D: What music did you grow up listening to? Do you feel that it has helped influence your music?

Yuri: As a kid I listened to the radio a lot. Top 40 stuff mainly. I remember being really into The Beastie Boys when I was 8 or 9. The first band I became totally obsessed with was The Cure. I listened to them every day for at least a decade. I still love them to this day. I think it has an influence, although it’s subtle.

 Sir D: What factors help you to look for inspiration, when it comes to doing things such as the material for your songs?

Yuri: The things that happen to us, the things we go through. That’s what inspires us to write music.

Sir D: Looking back at your rise as a band, how does it feel to see years later people are still listening and supporting your music?

Yuri:It’s really incredible. I never thought our band would mean as much as it does to people. I still don’t really know what to do with it. Although I can relate, having felt the same way about other bands, it’s hard for me to accept that people fell that way about our band.

Sir D: Describe a typical day for MXPX?

Yuri: Every day is so different. But usually we’re either on tour or in the studio.

Sir D: Based on your own experiences what do you think helps a band make their mark in the music industry?

Yuri: Having something special that people can relate to on a personal level. I think artists that follow their hearts and their instincts make the most lasting impressions.

Sir D: What do you believe as a band and individually you have learnt about yourselves while being in the band?

Yuri: Hard work and perseverance pay off.

Sir D: What advice would you give to people just starting out in a band?

Yuri: Have fun. Music is supposed to be enjoyable. I think a lot of times young bands are more concerned with being rich and famous than making music that is meaningful to themselves, and in turn, others.

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