Shadows Chasing Ghosts


Shadows Chasing Ghosts Meet Sir D



Questions By Sir D


Answers By Trey Tremain (Lead Vocalist)


December 2008


Sir D: Where did the band’s name originate from?


Trey:  Our name was originated from us sitting in a practise room boozed up, when we were starting the band.
We came up with something along the lines of in the Shadows Footsteps, then we sort of worked on it from there.
Then matt said something like Chasing The Shadows, and i just clicked Shadows Chasing Ghosts, not ripped off out of a film or some shit book from 1960, haha.
It was just random and it fitted, we were all excited about it.


Sir D: How would you define your band and the music you play, to people listening to your music for the first time may not be familiar with your music?


Trey:  Well, if you have not listened to the style of music that we play, then I think people might be a

bit like what the fuck! but we aren’t just your typical metal beat down shout in your face band. personally I would say don’t knock something until you listen to it, I’m open to all bands, i listen to bands like Westlife to Afro Man.  i think you should just keep an open mind, and don’t judge a book by its cover.


Sir D: What, in your opinion makes you unique to other bands?!


Trey:  We’re a band that plays screamo music, but can mix well with lots of different styles. We could fit well on a you me at six tour as well as a Senses fail tour. We’ve been told that there’s just something about our music that people can identify with.


Sir D: What motivated you to want to start the band?


Trey:  I guess just growing up going to shows and seeing my favourite bands fuck shit up, I just wanted to part of something that I felt I was unique at.


Sir D: What can the public expect from Shadows Chasing Ghosts in 2009?


Trey:  We have a music video coming soon for Thumberlinas Story, which is filmed by out friend salvo in Italy. He has worked with bands like UnderOATH, Parkway Drive, Bury Your Dead, Bring Me The Horizon, so we are stoked for that.
We have a few things up our sleave and waiting to announce on the big tour support point of view. Not just that we will have our new EP ready hopefully for september. We are recording it in the US with Randy and Daniel from US band fFnch, who are going to master and produce it for us. So next year is going to be stupidly busy, but thats how we like it!


Sir D: You Recently Toured the UK with Finch in November 2008 – how did you find that experience?


Trey:  Life changing, Finch are one of the biggest influences on this band, so when we got asked be the main support for the tour I actually had to sit down and have a beer.
But seriously we went from playing infront of 100 people, to playing infront of  900 people! We made a lot of great friends and I think that tour has help us grow up a lot as a band.


Sir D: In every band there is a joker, a ladies man, a chilled out dude etc – which catergory if any do you believe you all fit into?


Trey:  The joker is our manager Gav, your just not safe around him! Most of all, our clothes, you really don’t know if you going to wake up and all your clothes are in a bath filled with water or if there going to have holes cut in our boxer shorts. I think the ladies man is matt, because he has cool hair, apparently and he just likes to talk to hot girls. I’m the most chilled out member,  I think some of the others might disagree, but there not doing this interview haha.


Sir D: What is the most random thing you have had happened to you  as a band?


Trey:  After a show in Sheffield were out getting a bit messy after the show, at a place called “SHAG”. Anyway our good friend Dougie came to the show and brought this girl with him, she said we could stay at her house.  We were like ‘Thank fuck we don’t have to pay for a hotel’, anyway  we were about to leave the club and she said, ‘You can only stay if I can have a 3sometime with myself and Danny C’ and to say the least I didn’t want to have a sword fight with our drummer, so we kindly declined.


Sir D: Describe your experiences of going on stage now compared to when you first went on?


Trey:  Our first few shows were just in front of about 10 maybe 20 people in shitty venues around our local area. Because  we were playing on small stages we didn’t really know how to move on stage, or maybe we were just shy, but now all hell breaks loose we like to throw ourselves around. I guess it’s just confidence, generally not giving a fuck about ourselves on stage as long as the people watching it loving it.


Sir D: Do you have any pre show rituals?


Trey:  We sometimes lock ourselves in our changing room and psyche each other up for the show, I normally sit in the van and do some vocal warm ups. We don’t like pray or anything, we just aren’t that type of band, we know what we need to do, so we just do it.


Sir D: Personally what do you think helps a band make their mark in the music industry?


Trey:  Just generally going out there and playing show after show. You have to make sure people remember who you are, there is to many good bands who play shows and are just forgotten.


Sir D: What do you believe as a band and individually you have learnt about yourselves while being in the band?


Trey:  How much we love each other, we argue but we always have each others backs, we are always there to pick each other up, this band isn’t just a bunch of friends, we are a family.


Sir D: What song have you enjoyed making the most?


Trey:  Thumberlinas Story, I just love playing it and I love the fact that all our fans know the lyrics, its just a song you and jump around to.


Sir D: What advice would you give to people just starting out in a band?

Trey:  Basically just play as many shows as you can and get some good recordings, you gotta spend money to make money, it’s an investment


  1. ali says:

    haha i love how you got your band name =]
    And Finch…sweet. Must have been good :] xxx

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