Josh Bunce: Feel Good Music That Makes You Go Insane

Caravan music has introduced to many fantastic artists in the past, but I can say one that got me hooked in an instant was their latest addition Josh Bunce. This marvelous artist has a new mini album out at the moment, which is not only superb but totally addictive.

Three tracks in particular stand out for me, Green Eyes, Just Enough & Hey Hey!

Green Eyes is an upbeat, jolly song which puts a smile on anyone’s face. The vocals Josh are out of this world, and just hearing his stunning voice in this song is guaranteed to make anyone’s day.

I guess there is a tendency for new listeners to compare Josh to the likes of Paulo Nutini, but seriously I think Josh could give anyone a run for their money. This is evident when you listen to Just Enough. Again fabulous vocals and lyrics, but with the beats are catchy and Josh gives us a slick and smooth performance.

My favorite out of the tracks I have heard though has to be Hey Hey. When I heard this song for the first time I was left speechless, at how brilliant it was. This is not just a song, this is a song with a story and a deeper meaning. Not any story though, one filled with emotion, and joy. This is feel good music at its best!

Available to download now, See Right Through Me, is the album deffo worth investing in.

Article Written By Dee

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