Welcome to the church of All Time Low – January 18th 2012


 Photos by Sarah Louise

Many of you may of remembered that last year All Time Low were due to come to Newcastle for a gig, but sadly due to crappy weather the gig had been delayed to a later date. Well at last all that waiting and excitement had come to an end, as the band came to the O2 Academy for what I would describe as an epic performance.

As the headlining band, the crowds had turned up in there hundreds to see ATL. You may think I am exaggerating, but I kid you not if you just saw the size of the que before doors opened at 7pm. It was probably one of the longest ques I have ever been in! Anyway I digress back to the ATL gig.

Before ATL came on there were two support bands who set the night up to be utterly fantastic, We Are the In Crowd and The Maine. I have never seen or had the pleasure of listening to either of their music before, so I was quite looking forward to see what each had to offer.

We Are the In Crowd, were totally brilliant. The music was catchy, and you could see the crowd falling for their music with such a warm reception. That’s what I love about the Newcastle music scene; there is unconditional support for every band that ever comes to perform. Sadly I was not able to listen to all their set, as most of my time was spent waiting to get into the building, but from the last 20 minutes I did hear I was extremely blown away. Let me just point out that at this stage I was still near the merch stalls.

It was not until The Maine were setting up that myself and head of photography Sarah Louise decided to be brave and go into the heart of the crowd, as we fought our way to the front. The place was heaving, but man it made such good exercise. 5 minutes of me shouting “Photo pass” to the people wondering why I am pushing my way to the front (so they didn’t mistake me for an obsessive stalker) and me and Sarah finally got to the barrier. Sarah went near the stage to get snappy with her camera, while I stood in the only space available on the whole floor …..this tiny little corner near the stage door. If any of you come to gigs quite often, you may often spot me in the Academy 1 standing here all the time. Sarah thinks I’m mad because I’m stood right next to the speaker, but you know me watch now, hear later lol! Makes it quite amusing anyway when trying to answer the phone to the family to let them know your on your way home, as you can hardly hear what your parents are saying that you talk loudly while onlookers think your crackers!

So yes, The Maine came next, and I looked on as the band performed such an amazing set. Just looking at the crowd you could see people singing along and going hyper to their music. The Maine are a favourite band of my head of Street Team, Bethany who also went to the show, and informed me of how great their music is, and hell was she correct. Ok I may not of known any of the songs, but that is irrelevant because I was speechless from the awesome atmosphere The Maine were creating.


Two great overseas bands had already blessed us with their talent on this January night, with the hyperness building up for All Time Low, I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I eagerly waited for ATL to come to the stage! The first song of any set is always the crucial part of any headline band, and man did ATL arrive to the Academy 1 in sheer style! Impressive lighting, fast yet upbeat tunes, made the whole room come alive! If you were standing and did not move with the crowd, you could be assured you were gonna get crushed! The whole room was just buzzing, people screaming, and even the odd person throwing their lingerie on stage. Totally mental! Before you ask, no I did not throw mine at them!! Ha ha!

I would say a favourite song for me from their set was “I feel like Dancin”. Not only is this an energetic song, but as can guess from the songs name, the crowd did not hold back and did not stop moving at all. This crowd was here to party, and as one of the band members quite rightly said, he felt as though he was in “The Church of All Time Low”.


If you thought this crowd could not get anymore insane, ATL took it up a notch with the track Lost In Stereo. Seriously it just made you just wanna jump up and down, sing out loud, anything at all just to be part of this outstanding experience.


ATL left the stage and the crowd were demanding an encore as they shouted and stamped there feet. At this stage you can feel that the crowd are starting to get tired with all that jumping around and singing, but in true north east fashion, just coz we may be shattered don’t mean the party stops, no tiredness is for wimps! These people all came here to have a great time and see ATL, so they were sure as hell gonna make sure they made the best opportunity to give All Time Low the impression that we northerners like to party hard!


Throughout their set they did a mixture of new songs and old material which showed that the band still have what it takes to make fecking good music. As the night came to end, promising to return in 6 months time, ATL ended with a legend of a song “Dear Maria, Count Me In”. With what ever little energy you may have had somehow you found the strength to give your heart and soul, as the whole crowd erupted to what can only be described as a night finished in style!

 Will I be checking out ATL again?! If they create shows like this, then I would definitely be making sure I check their music out as much as possible.


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