F**K Me Its….Oh My Days


Oh My Days – O2 Academy, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Date: 15 September 2011

Another day, another gig……this time I was intrested in seeing Oh My Days, a local band from the Newcastle Area. Like I have mentioned in other reviews, this is another band which has been created as a result of other other bands bisbanding. In the case of Oh My Days, this consists of ex Impulse 11 and Mid Term Break members. Indepentantly two amazing bands in their own way……..so just think with the two great bands combined – Oh My Days will just blow anyones MOFO mind – leaving you intoxicated with a music hangover. The only cure for this hangover is, to listen to them more and more.

So then back to the gig review. Having not really heard much about the band, it was important that I kept an open mind, especially with not being familiar with any of their songs. I can quite happily say I was not dissapointed at all. All songs performed were all there own, with vocals coming from Callum Cowie and Paul Hamilton. Assisting them both, was an adrenaline pumped drummer, Aiden Patterson and a calm cool and collection Simon Hindmarsh on Guitar. What should be admired about this band is the incredible chemistry between one another, and their stage precense and down to earth personalities which leave the audience captivated.

As a bit of a teaser Oh My Days, gave crowds an opportunity to hear up and coming new releases, such as Best of Luck, which is released in October 2011. All songs performed on the night were all genuine and remarkable and unique in their own way. With some bands there is a problem, whereby it makes it difficult to make a distinction between where one song starts and another one ends, as they can all sound the same. This is definately not the case with Oh My Days. Its from listening and watching this remarkable group of young gents, that makes me re-emphasise that the North East and the local music scene in general has an incredible amount of pure skill and talent, which drastically needs to be recognized.

From looking at the crowds, you could tell from the expressions and the whole atmosphere that Oh My Days had left them wanting more. Remember that like us these bands are everyday people like me or you, and evidence that if you have the courage and patitence you have the ability to achieve your dreams.

Speaking to Callum briefly after the performance, he explained to me how he didnt feel if the performance was 100 %! I must say I totally disagreed with him…..the whole performance was brilliant, from start to finish. There are many things that make a great performance – but the two main ones in my opinion are dedication and support from the fans. Both of these were present while watching the magic of Oh My Days unfold before my eyes.

There is not a single bad thing I have to say, but what I would say is that I higly recommend you go and check this band out for yourself. If you want to have a peek at some of their material, you can even listen to their EP from the following website:


Get Listening and prepare to be blown away


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