26th November 2011: Awkward Weed, Dean Rose & The Creep Void


Date: 26th November 2011

Venue: The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Review by Sir D

On November 26th 2011, I went along to The Bridge Hotel to watch my first of many acoustic sets. I have never been to this venue before, so I was fascinated to find out more. The room itself was nice and small, yet also intimate.

There were three acts to take to the stage, Awkward Weed, Dean Rose, and The Creep Void. All very unique, but when put together definitely a lethal combination which will leave you craving more. It seems only right to explain each of the performances one by one.

Opening the night was Awkward Weed. The composition of this group is two guys; each with a guitar in there arms. However what is interesting is that they never play the guitar in unison, always taking turns. You would think that is a risky move to take, but they nevertheless manage to successfully pull it off.

The material they sing is to deal with everyday issues such as Bills, The Job Centre, Christmas, and Ginger Tea to name but a few. The comedic element to each song keeps your attention. What I admire about Awkward Weed is that there lyrics are blunt and straight to the point, which makes it that even extra bit appealing. By covering real life issues they are bold enough to say the things we all think.

The chemistry between the two guys is amazing. They successfully pull off the combination of being professional yet jovial. If you ever in the mood for a laugh and to stick two fingers up at the problems society throws at you, then definitely make sure you check out Awkward Weed.

One of the members, Lee, ended the set on a high, with a poem, Eagles Breathe. Short, and sweet but with plenty of humour, had the audience thirsty for more.  I would definitely have no problem with seeing this group again.

For anyone who thinks Tenacious D are funny, fecking hell you seriously aint seen nothing yet until you witness the sheer brilliance of Awkward Weed.

We then next move on to the next performance by Dean Rose. Due to two other groups pulling out last minute he may have been the backup plan, but a backup plan which totally worked. With a pint of the finest beer by his side, this was the first time in 2 years he had performed in front of anyone.

With his set, he did a combination of his own material and cover songs. The vocals on this guy are spectacular as it’s a rough but rootsy sounding voice. With his song, “No Cowboy, No Soldier” there is a somewhat western/country sounding vibe to his music.  You can also feel the passion in his voice.

If you listen carefully to the lyrics of each song, there is definitely no issue of loosing attention, as you feel a real connection as a story is always developing, which makes the music exciting to listen to.

The highlight of his set however was his rendition of The Lars – “There She Goes”. A classic song done with sheer passion and talent. I was really able to see that with this song Dean was taking it up a notch as he was truly in his element.

If this his performance in 2 years, damn how lethal will he be if he sings more frequently.

Two brilliant acts had already performed in front of me, could this night get any better……..Hell Yeah!!

Our final band for this evening was The Creep Void. The thing to note about this band, is an Acoustic environment is not something they are used to, but if you saw them perform you would be fooled in thinking that they performed with just as much success as Awkward Weed and Dean Rose.

The first song sets the tone of any set, and the track The Holodomor Part 1, is certainly a pure masterpiece. Many of you, you have read any of my previous single reviews will know how often TCV remind me of AFI’s earlier stuff.

Barry is fantastic as lead vocalist – each song is performed full of passion, adrenaline and passion. As a relatively new band, the progress of this band is immense.

In their number, “From the Parasite to The Snail” you can really see how The Creep Void are pushing themselves to the limit. Obviously this group set very high standards for themselves, a standard which they have no trouble maintaining. Being able to adapt any performance to different crowd can sometimes be daunting, as you find yourself often feeling out of your comfort zone.

With The Creep Void however I admire there confidence and determination to take risks and try new things, thus illustrating that they are a band with real star quality.

I love the dynamic and chemistry of this band as well. All members work well together, and each of there talents compliments the other members, thus making them an extremely strong band.

My favourite song has to be Switchblade Romance. In an acoustic setting, there are similarities with Audioslave and Nickelback. However TCV show the masters how its really done, thus creating their own league of explosive brilliance.

They end the night with a cheeky yet brilliant song. Lots of self promo, but you know what, damn right! Being a local band is never easy, so credit to them for wanting to stand up to the local music scene and say “Oiii, We Are The Creep Void…Come Be Part of The Experience”.

Remember for a moment that this is meant to be an acoustic set, but F**K Me this is definitely an acoustic loaded with plenty of style and attitude. At the end of the night I found myself buzzing and blown away of what I had just witnessed.

With the sheer attention to detail and professionalism of the Creep Void, as well the Awkward Weed and Dean Rose, I can whole heartedly say these are three artists with pure quality and talent. Not only this, but evidence that local bands CAN succeed with their dream.


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