Harlot – Wolves

Harlot – “Wolves”

4 piece metal band, Harlot, from the North East, are known for there awesome music, and the guys are back with another little tasty number, Wolves. From the outset Wolves really gives meaning to my famous expression let the music consume your soul. This is the first time I heard this track, and already I found myself becoming obsessed with the song. Not only are the beats well put together but the exceptional vocals from lead singer James McLackland make the song even more amazing.

 Wolves brings out James’ best, and shows the listener how different vocal skills are well put together, as this song shows that Harlot are not afraid to push themselves to the limit, and with great success. Their Facebook page describes them as being influenced by the likes of Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu, these are great bands in their own right. However with the brilliance that Wolves offers the listeners, I can see Harlot going extremely far, as they are by far one of the best metal bands to come out of the North East! Harlot is a name that should never be forgotten as they are certain to go from strength to strength with their fecking amazing music!

For more information check out the band at the following websites:


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