HeartRock Live: December 17th 2011


HeartRock Live

Review By Dee 

December 17th 2011

 For those who read my article on the difficulties of local bands it comes as no suprize that I point you to the amazing work of Jack Bowdon and his HeartRock Live Project.

 I respect this event on the grounds that it is there for local bands to platform themselves. In the past thanks to HeartRock Live I discovered the likes of an addictive band named Kiss Your Commander.

 Held at one of my favourite venues inNewcastle, the O2 Academy I was excited to go along to an amazing night of local talent.

 The first band to take to the stage, were a new band called Best Get Dressed. I must point out that this was there first ever Academy performance, and although you may of thought they may have been nervous this never showed. Lead singer Sarah took centre stage where she delivered a performance which was breathtaking. Giving a variety of their own material and cover versions, Best Get Dressed gave something which appealed to all members of the crowd.

 I must confess I am a secret Katie Perry fan, so was impressed to hear the Band’s impressive take on one of her songs, E.T. As for the dynamic of the band, they are made up of Sarah and her loyal guys.

 Soundwise, they are very unique with bits of electronica giving the set a nice refreshing surprise. For a first appearance at the Academy Best Get Dressed should definitely be proud of themselves.

 Our next artist for the evening was Lauren Doyle. How can I put this….the vocals on this young lady were mind blowing. She has quite an incredible voice, which seduces you into craving more. She may have been doing a variety of covers for her set, but you know what  this is irrelevant, as she made all songs her own.

 My favourite song by Lauren would have to be her version of McFly’s Five Colours In her Hair. Just seeing Lauren on stage you could see she was having a good time, and totally in her element. This young lady will definitely go far in life with a voice like that.

 The remarkable thing about both Best Get Dressed and Lauren Doyle is that both led by females, are evidence that female singers have every right to give the male dominated local music scene a run for their money.

 Books and Covers in the form of Sam Wright was the next budding musician on stage. In all my time coming to gigs at the Academy, never ever have I witnessed a solo singer coming on stage with nothing other than himself and an acoustic guitar. I totally clicked instantly to Sam, as he showed me that when beautifully and masterly done, an acoustic act can work.

 The genre of each band was different, and four piece band The Low Road, again brought there own variety to the night. From start to finish of each song, each member of this band gave 100%, resulting in an impressive set and a lot of new fans…well I was one anyway.

 For me the band of the night had to be Morrows Eve. A band influenced by the likes of Shadows Chasing Ghosts, there set had me totally hooked. Reminding me of Trey and the lads, but a younger version gave me a feeling of being amazed and speechless. The difficult thing about being the last band on stage is that crowds tend to die down by the end of the night, but this did not stop the band from giving a performance full of class, effort and passion.

 So then HeartRock Live I must thank you for bringing me a night of immense local music. Not only this its due to people like Jack that local bands are given the chance to have their music heard in a hard local music scene. HeartRock Live – Deffo the place to discover new talent.


  1. For those of you who want to check out Morrows Eve < that's how it's spelled haha

  2. Best Get Dressed says:

    Hi, Its Best Get Dressed here. We can’t thank you enough for this amazing review!
    Just one little note, our singer is called Sarah, not Deborah, hahaha.
    Well done to all the bands that played to make it an amazing show!

  3. CNB says:

    Bet Get Dressed’s singer’s name is Sarah. Just pointin’ that out…

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