Howl for Dead Like Wolves

By Dee

Photo By Street Teamer, Ellen Dixon 🙂

Thursday 12th January, myself and photographer Ellen Dixon, pop along to the Academy in Newcastle to watch another local band, tipped to have influences but with their own edge! Before I give there name away let me talk about their influences for a moment. The band find it easy to relate themselves to the music of Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana. I can see where there coming from, and would deffo agree with this.

So who the hell am I talking about, Dead Like Wolves ofcourse!  This 3 piece band, are not your usual young band following a trend, just to please a crowd! They are just playing their music coz they love it, and not afraid to show they own identity. Bearing in mind this is the first time I have ever seen them perform, I must say I was pleasantly suprized to see them play.

The key to their music is that you need to have a open mind. If you have this attitude then you can fully appreciate there music and who they are as a band. Their set on the 12th, lasted roughly about 35 minutes or so, and from the word go you could see the skill and concentration in their mind. Many bands can sometimes forget to remember such invaluable things, and get caught up in the hype simply because they are performing at the academy! what you have to remember is not to loose your professionalism, regadless where you are!

The songs themselves were catchy, slick, and would probably even add grown up! Yes I do like the odd bit of screamo now and again, but Dead Like Wolves is makes a refreshing change, where concentration is on the actual lyrics, all the bands own material!

Like all gigs, I had a quick little word with the band after their set. Roy Brown lead singer and Joe (The Drummer) were nice enough to tell me about the history of the band. It was quite intresting to hear Roy saying that it seems local music is reinventing the cycle, as bands are letting legends such as Nirvana live on! Thats remarkable, because not only are you paying a respect to your heros, but you are showing your local music scene that your own take on music, is what gives you the edge!

I asked them how they thought the set went, both were modest in replying. SO I answered for them and gave them my honest opinion. Namely that there set had real charatcher to it, and each and every song had my total attention. I was a bit sad that I could not of heard them for longer, as through that short set, they definately kept me intrigued!



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