Insomniac & Correction House

 Insomniac &  Correction House

 Trillians – 8th February 2012

By Dee

Always keeping my eye out for new talent, my good friend Ellen Dixon told me that her mate’s band would be playing at Trillians. With her recommendation therefore I went along to the show, arranged by local promoter Vince.

 While I waited for the show to begin, I parked myself up by one of the tables, and with my notepad and pen ready, was in looking forward to review this night of new music.

 Below you will find the thoughts that were going through my head as I watched each band, which hopefully will also give you an insight into what I look for in music when I see a new band.

 Name of 1st Band: Insomniac


Opening song: Start with a cover of Green Day’s “What’s Her Name”. Quite a good version, as they make the song their own. They look a bit tense however which could just be nerves. Hopefully later on in the set they will loosen up and start to have some fun.

 3rd song: “Teenage Kicks” cover: Although it may be cover songs so far, I quite like them because they are showing me how open minded their influences are.

 4th song: an upbeat, catchy little number. With this song you can really tell although may of practiced it twice, is nevertheless exceptional. They are certainly in their element here. The pace and rhythm of this song also compliments the vocals of lead singer, Angus. These are young gentlemen with a touch of attitude.


“American Idiot” cover: Insomniac really come alive here with this song. They work pretty well as a five piece band.

 Overall performance: Brilliant, deffo worth checking out.

 Second Band: Correction House


Opening song: Metallica’s Enter Sandman

 It is absolutley great to hear how classic tracks are influencing our region’s young bands.

 2nd Song – a complete contrast. Here the bands go back to good old fashioned rock and roll. Damn! The guitar solos are just fecking amazing. This group is more than just awesome vocals, it is also about the brilliant beats.

 I would like to see more of Correction House. Although there may be a small crowd here at Trillians – just by looking around you can see the band have everyone’s attention.

 For the  next song they take a plunge and unleash one of their own creations. Good introduction – encourages you to just wanna get up and mosh. The beats are heavy but well balanced with vocals you can actually understand clearly. I would see them as being a certain recommendation for anyone into the likes of Rise Against.

 Next number is pretty smooth, jazzy and funky. This song shows me that although a young band, their music is extremely mature and real down to earth music.

 Correction House are doing a mixture of covers and their own material in this set. Without a shadow of a doubt I can see this band appealing to anyone, irrespective of genre.

 I have a good feeling about this band. If they keep up the good work I can see them going far and making this local music scene in the North East proud.


Overall Performance: AWSOME!!!!


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