Kiss Your Commander



Kiss Your Commander are a 6 piece-female-fronted-indie-synth-rock band with a sound that is pretty unique.

They’ve played with some huge bands like Mavrickz (Sean and Tom from Saving Aimee), Eighth Wave (Universal Records), Page 44, Dissolved In, All At Stake, Not Advised and Canterbury. KYC have just completed a fantastic UK tour and are definitely a great example of the young talent that exists in the north east.

 To give you all a bit more information about the band, I had the honour of interviewing them.

 Kiss Your Commander Interview Summer 2011

 Answers by Rob (Guitarist) and Bridgette (Lead Singer)

Questions By S D.


SD: What is the story behind the name, Kiss Your Commander?

Basically we wanted something original and we ploughed through hundreds of names until this one came around which is awesome. Now if some one types it in to Google or Youtube they wont mistake us with anyone else.

SD: Summarise your band in one sentence.

 Cheesy synthy catch amazing pop music that will give your ears an orgasm.

 SD:  Explain the set up of your band?

 We have 2 Guitarists, Marley and Rob. A bassist, George. Jonno, who keeps the beats going. Alex, who brings the cheeseyness in with his synth. And of course the lovely Bridget on vocals.

SD: Sadly you had a couple of members of the original line up leave, how are the new members bonding with the rest of the band?

 They’re great, the band feels better than ever!

SD: How has 2011 been so far you as a band?

Its been a great 7 months, we’ve played some awesome shows and were hoping that our July tour will top it all off.

SD: This year many if not all of you have had exams, how have you managed that with KYC?

We’ve all stuck in with our exams but not forgot about the band, we’ve managed our time between the two.

 SD: Why should people check your music out?

Because we’re original, our songs are awesomely catchy and they make everyone happy.

 SD: you  have just completed  an awsome UK tour with Page 44 – what did you  gain from the experiencer?

Just meeting new people and getting more fans to like the band and come and see us in the future. And generally spending time together on the road

SD: Whats your favourite song to perform?

 A brand new song we have written called ‘The Takedown’ its fresh, its awesome to play and we think its our best yet. Keep your eyes peeled for a demo.

SD: How many hours a week on average would you say you practise?

 About 3 all together but we all practice at home so we know what we’re doing.

SD:  Question for Bridgette – As leadsinger, how much support do you get from the rest of the lads?

 Theyre great, obviously im the butt of a lot of jokes but its all in good humour and I love them to bits

SD: Who are your influences?

We all have different influences, too many to name but bands that influence the music made in the band are; Saving Aimee, The Killers, Blondie etc.

 SD: DO you all have similar music tastes – if so do you try to incorportate them into the band?

All of our music tastes are massively different but weve decided on a genre we all love and we write our songs based on that.

SD: What lessons have you learned in the past year?

We haven’t really, we’ve just went with the flow and had an amazing time.

 SD: do you see being a young, north east band as a help or a hindrance?

It depends, with us all still being at college its hard to put all our time into the band but at the same time we have years ahead of us to improve and take over the world.

SD: What would you like to achieve by the end of the year?

Meet a lot of new people, play some more awesome shows, and generally become better and bigger as a band

SD: Describe a typical day for the band?

Arguing arguing arguing, na, we all have our tiffs but we all love eachother and generally just have an awesome time.

SD: How have you found the support of your family and friends?

Theyve both been great and couldn’t be where we are without them.

SD: what advice from your own experience would you give other people wanting to start their own band?

Never give up on what you love and never forget the best thing about being in a band is having a laugh with your mates and playing great music

To find out more information about this FANTASTIC band check out

or search for their music on Itunes 🙂


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