Lyxx: All Female Band That Kicks Ass!!

I am always on the look out for new bands as many of you know, however it seems there seems to be a lack of all female bands in our area. Well that’s what I used to think, until I came across an amazing female band from our region called Lyxx. This amazing all female band were nice enough to take time out of their busy schedules to speak to Darkus Online Magazine. Check out the interview below.


Questions byDee

Answers by Emma, Steph, Izzy and Roxy Riot

Sir D: How did the name Lyxx come about?

Izzy: my own rock n roll genius that one.. haha we needed a name and LYXX just stuck!

Sir D: Complete the sentance. Our music is awsome because……..

Emma: we are awesome

Izzy: Sooner or later our CDs will find their way into your music collection!

Steph: it’s something new, exciting and not like anyone you will see on the music scene right now!

Roxy: We are LYXX and we play sleazy rock n’ roll!


How long have you been together?

Emma: about a year and a half


Sir D:  What was your impression of eachother when you first met. and do you think the band’s chemistry clicked straight away?

Emma: Because we all have similar music tastes and had similar views as to what we wanted the band to be we all got a long well from our first rehearsal. I’m always awkward as hell around new people…and just people in general… so it was good that it got off to a good start!

Izzy: Personally I’m shit with people but once we all got together and started playing everything just fell into place! It was mental!

Steph: Everyone seemed to click pretty fast, we worked as a group well from the start

Roxy: I liked everyone as soon as I met them – for one, they all looked cool! I was really impressed when I heard everybody play for the first time and I would definitely say that the chemistry clicked straight away – always has, always will!

Sir D:  Take us through a typical day when it comes to preparing for a gig?

Emma: On a good day I always try to get a work out in on the morning, maybe practice a little during the day, but I try and do as little as possible to keep my energy for the show. Once we arrive at the venue its a case of: load gear in, sound check, then get ourselves ready, which usually involves a change of clothes, make up and a ton of hairspray. As we are all juggling other things like work and uni, this relaxed version of a gig day rarely happens and we’re usually all rushing from work or a lecture to get to the venue in time to play!

Izzy: Usually have a run through all my gear make sure everything is working as it should.. have a bit practise on guitar and normally end up having to rush from work or uni to the gig! Its all good fun!

Steph: Getting all my gear ready, getting myself ready (clothes, hair, make up etc) making way to the gig, getting a pint…and I am ready!

Roxy: That all depends on where we’re playing that night. If we’re playing out of the local area, we usually set off for the gig late afternoon with our ridiculous “four people can fit in one small car with all the music gear” idea! However, if we’re playing locally, the time before it probably revolves around sleeping, drinking, spending too long getting ready, and choking on hairspray fumes! 😉

Sir D: The local music scene in the north east is mainly male oriantated. Taking that in to account, how easy has Lyxx been able to break through that barrier?

Emma: I don’t really think there’s ever been a barrier. Being an all-girl band has probably given us more of an advantage as we create more of an impression and it definitely means we get more attention and recognition as we’re not just another group of guys. I think it would be different if we we couldn’t play, and people probably have a bit of an “oh here we go, a girl band” attitude before they hear us, but once we get up there and people enjoy it, the all-girl thing only gets seen as a positive.

Izzy: Getting out onto the music scene wasn’t too difficult really and being an all girl band you soon turn heads if you know what i mean.. but its the mindset of a lot of people that girls can’t play rock n roll! Its our mission to prove em wrong. As a guitarist i find myself constantly striving to not just be “she’s good for a girl guitarist” i wanna be up there melting the guys faces off!

Steph: It was wierd at first, people must of thought because we were girls we would be shit, but then once we got established and recorded the new EP we have been taken a lot more seriously.

Roxy: I think LYXX have done extremely well to get through the male-dominated barrier. Personally, I think it’s down to our attitude, the type of music we play, and the fact that we’re all girls as this always creates a male interest! As we’re not playing pop music and can actually play our instruments well, I think this surprises people and leads to a lot of interest in the band.

Sir D: I understand aside from the band, you all are also holding down jobs and studying. How have you found it trying to balance all of this, and still find time for yourselves?

Emma: It can be hard, and as I said earlier it means we’re running around between the two a lot, but, at the end of the day, this band is what we wanna do and I would never put anything else before it.


Izzy: Can be difficult at times… for example i normally fall off the planet during exam week but i come out the other side even more focussed and more determined for LYXX world domination!

Steph: Its quite stressful at times, but its what you have to do…

Roxy: It can sometimes be difficult trying to study full-time as well as spending a lot of the time with the band, but I like to always make sure that the band comes first on my priority list! Fortunately, I study Music Technology at Uni so I’m pretty much involved in music 24/7 which is something I’ve always wanted to do! Finding time for ourselves can be complicated at times, but if we have a couple of weeks with no gigs, then we can relax a little! 

Sir D: What has been the most memorial moment so far for the band?

Emma: For me it will probably be the first time we played with Falling Red at The Brickyard inCarlisle. It was the biggest show we’d played up until then and it was with a band that we all loved.

Izzy: Most memorable gig… Christ thats difficult! I’d have to agree with Emma.. our first appearance at the brickyard was pretty special!

Steph: Releasing the new EP Thrust!

Roxy: That’s a difficult one! My own personal memorial moments are supporting bands such as Sham 69, New Generation Superstars, Teenage Casket Company, Vains of Jenna, and The Erotics – it was an honour! Other moments include the constant work with Kim Fowley and the sigh of relief when the “Thrust” EP was mastered, completed and sounded great! I’m hoping that the next memorable moment will be linked to the release of “Thrust” on 8th December!

Sir D: Have you had any regrets? Or is there anything you wish you did differently?

Emma: I will always regret giving up playing music when I was 10 and then not picking it up again until I was 17. I’ve got a lot of time to make up for and I always wonder where I would be now if I’d had another 7 years to work on it.

Izzy: No regrets at all!

Steph: Not really, everything that has happened has made us what we are today…

Roxy: Thankfully I have no regrets at all with LYXX. The only thing I wish could have happened was that we had all met a bit sooner!

Sir D: What obstacles have you found being a young female band?

Emma: Like I said before, it’s been more of a positive for us than a negative because once we prove that we’re good at what we do, the all-girl aspect is taken out of the equation.

Izzy: Money is always an obstacle for any young band trying to get noticed… apart from that I think we do ok for ourselves!

Roxy: Like I mentioned earlier, some people don’t expect us to be anything special with being a group of girls! A lot of people have said to us after they have seen us live, that they were pleasantly surprised at how good we were as they weren’t expecting much from a group of girls with guitars! It is a shame that some people have the impression that girls can’t play, but we like to prove them otherwise!

Sir D: Whats your favourite song to perform on stage, that all ways gets the adrenaline pumping?

Emma: My favourite song to play is probably Thrust, ever since Steph sent me the demo of it when I first joined the band I knew it would take a hell of a song to knock that off my top spot.

Izzy: Either “Nothing at all” or “Wanna be me” they’re the type of songs that make you want to go crazy! They really get the crowd going!


Roxy: For me that would be “LYXX THIS”. It’s the song we generally start the show with and so it really does get your adrenaline flowing! Another song would be “Nothing At All” – it’s just an awesome song to play live!

Sir D: Who do you think are your greatest supporters?

Emma: Everyone that takes the time to listen to our music, comes to see us play or buys a CD or a t-shirt.

Izzy: Any LYXX fan is a fuckin incredible LYXX fan! You guys rock!

Steph: Everyone who buys a CD, Tshirt, badge, sticker, shows up to a gig, gives us a like on facebook….everyone is equally as important!

Roxy: Ourselves! But of course, our family, friends, and the people who got us to where we are – the LYXX FANS!


Sir D: Other than the power of social websites such as Facebook, what other methods have you used to raise the awareness of the band to new fans?

Emma: Playing gigs and creating a buzz through word of mouth is the best way to do it.

Izzy : Getting out there and doing what we do best! PLAY MUSIC!

Steph: Getting out and gigging and doing radio interviews in as many places as possible!

Roxy: There is a MySpace page and we’re also on Reverbnation. There is an official LYXX website currently being made which will be available to visit soon!

Sir D: You have a new music video out on You Tube, what was it like working on it from start to finish?!

Emma: The video isn’t really a music video, it’s just something I threw together so we could let people hear what the EP was gonna sound like without giving too much away. It’s literally just a picture of us with some little tricks from iMovie. We will have a new video coming out for a single from the EP though!


Izzy: That video was just a cheeky sneak peek at the new EP… we’ll have a real video out in 2012

 Roxy: Do we??

Sir D: With 2012 fast approaching, what can fans expect from the band in the new year?

Emma: A new CD, a video and a hell of lot more shows!

 Izzy: New songs, new merch, the video… MORE LYXX IN YOUR LIFE!

Roxy: More gigs as far as we can stretch, more music, more sleaze and of course, more rock n’ roll!




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