Warning – Conscience of Cowardice Single Review


Warning are yet another fine band to come out of the North East music scene. This three piece band made up of Sam, Will and Nathan have been around for a few years now, and there music has blossomed along with the band’s progress.

Conscience of Cowardice is the latest track from the guys, which has a totally smooth, cool and sophisticated sound to it. This is not your usual song or band for that matter that you can put into a box such as emo pop-punk or metal…..Conscience of Cowardice puts the band in a genre of its own.

This is a well thought out, and fantastically mastered track, with impressive vocals by Nathan, backed up by the slick beats provided by Sam and Will. In some sense it kind of has a similarity with a younger version of the band, Brand New. This is a song which will suit just about everybody, from those who want to have a good random dance to those who want a song which has real depth and connection.

You find once you have started listened to this track, it sticks in your mind, that causing your mind to cheekily torment you, and not give up until you have given into the craving for the Warning. However I can say Warning’s Conscience of Cowardice is one track which you should indulge as much as possible. Let the music consume your soul mwahaha 🙂

Review by Sir D xx

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