By Lewis Cowins

Air To Achilles are a fantastic Indie rock / alternative pop band who specialise in creating rhythms you just can’t help but tap you’re foot to. A guitarist that plays synth, a bassist that is also lead vocals, an ex-punk drummer and a guitarist with more stage presence then Angus Young with a sugar rush. Not quite what you’d expect from a band of this genre but it works wonders in their music.

This band has serious skill to pull everything together like they have. They all have a diverse taste in music and when they put their own individual tastes and styles of play together they’ve ended up with a genre of music I can’t quite put my finger on specifically. Their music has all of the angst of rock music and a bass drum kit that will knock you back, but at the same time it has a synth pop edge which makes the band a pleasure to listen to for almost anyone.

The synth in this band floats around your head whilst the bass drums guitar and vocals attack you straight on; it is a very unusual yet effective combination of styles. Achilles are also very generous and supportive of the local band s in the area, going to see local bands they like and offering bands they’ve made friends with gigs, even letting other bands headline their gigs!

This band deserves a listen! Check them out:

For more information. check out their MySpace:


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