Air to Achilles EP Launch (2nd March 2012)

Article by Lewis Cowins

Alternative rock and pop band Air to Achilles launched their new EP with style by putting on a gig at the cluny 2 with support from their friends; Tissue culture, The watchers, So what Robot and Parastatic. All of these bands fit in with the indie scene perfectly. I had never seen so what robot or parasitic before so I was looking forward to it. It was a fantastic night for anybody who was even remotely interested in music.

Sadly I didn’t catch so what robot as I was trying to figure out how to work a camera, however from what I heard they surprised a lot of people with a large unexpected sound. Parastatic opened the night with an aura of shoegazey goodness, the kind of music that puts you in a trance. Not often singing but when there were vocals it suited the song perfectly and left it’s mark.

Two bands that I have seen before a god few times and thoroughly enjoy are tissue culture and the watchers, this was problem one of the strongest performances I have seen by both of these bands. The watchers are a fantastic alternative/ indie rock band that knows exactly how to get their point across and send shivers down your spine. In a good way of course. They have quite a sinister and eerie cloud around themselves I can compare them to Radiohead in some ways. Tissue culture are a band I go to see a lot. They always have a loud and active performance; at the particular show it was really loud.

Air to Achilles.A band containing 4 of the nicest blokes on the earth. I’ve seen them at least 5 times but this for me was their strongest performance minus some minor technical faults through no fault of their own. They’re a band that isn’t hard to sell through experience but hard to describe through their diversity. They are definitely a band to check out for anyway that likes music. They have a fantastic alt pop rock sound that I’ve never heard before.

For me it was a fantastic night and if you ever see a poster with any of these bands names on go. Regardless of cost, it’ll be worth it.


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