Conforce- Escapism

Review- Conforce- Escapism. 

This slice of minimal techno comes from a favourite of the scene, Mr Boris Bunnik. It’s ten tracks all with a rich and varied tapestry of electronic sounds, ranging from the laid back and sexy beats of opener ‘Revolt Dx’ to the almost balearic and dance inspired ‘Within’. Throughout the album the listener is lead on a journey that somehow all feels intertwined, each track flows into the next but not in an obvious way, after repeated listens it all begins to make sense. Throughout your listen you can sense a darkness to each track, skillfully crafted around compelling highs and lows, the lows never tedious and the highs a lesson in minimal techno. The stand out track for me is album closer ‘Diversion’ bringing to mind scandinavian electro princess Fever Ray, with blips and sweet synths it’s like the most chilled out acid trip one person can imagine. 
All in all this is a must for fans of the minimal scene and a good opener for people who haven’t heard much of it before (like myself). I would advise you to get your headphones in, go for a walk at dusk and prepare yourself for a walk of discovery and aural pleasures.

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