28th January 2012: Awkward Weed

Awkward weed review

Well I don’t even know where to begin with how funny awkward weed was on Saturday night they had me in stitches literally, I walked into the venue thinking this is going to be actually rubbish but I’m telling you now awkward weed soon changed that around, I think they might be the funniest people I have seen in a very long time and music really needs some humour in or it will just be depressing all the time.

 Anyways awkward weed were absolutely amazing live, they actually made my night with their music and they are really canny lads I interviewed them with Dee and I was suppressed to see how canny they were I thought they were going to be absolute dicks b the way they went on but they were not. 

But they could have played in a better venue I must say but other than that it was an amazing set for awkward weed and I am hoping to see them around sometime in the near future.


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