Tissue Culture Made My Night!!

Tissue culture

Friday 27 January 2012 – Dog and Parrot Newcastle

 Friday night there was a set on at the dog and parrot and I must say in all honesty I didn’t like the bands that were playing it was defiantly not my cup of tea I was so bored it was the same old boring stuff you always here and it just got really boring no offence to the bands.

HOWEVER the thing that made up for the night was the band at the end the tissue culture and i had never heard of these before and i was just blown away by their wonderful performance i was just astounded by the music that they came up with and little did i know when i was going to this gig was that one of my good friends Archie Smith was the lead singer i had never heard him sing before but it as i said just blew me away the performance the made.

The thing that really got me though is that they had a totally new sound to put on the table i was really intrigued by their music, Archie said before the show “Josh I don’t think you will like this type of music” i assure him i certainly do, it was just a fresh new perspective on music and I don’t for one minute this is the last i have heard from the Tissue Culture.


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