Twin Atlantic

“Twin Atlantic” have so many amazing things about them, they are such amazing singers and musicians I mean the soul, enthusiasm and power they put into their music is just electrifying,

I don’t think there is one single song they have ever made I don’t love and their song “crash land” Is probably my favourite song other than “sparkly touch”, Anyway I digress as you lot know “Twin Atlantic” one of the most amazing band I have heard of have somehow magically been put in the line up for the “Blink 182” gig with “All American Rejects” after “You Me At Six” and “Four Years Strong” had dropped out of the line up, I can safely say after a very, very long time of waiting to see who was going to fill their place I was not the only one who was ecstatic about them taking that place, I know Newcastle is energised and pumping full of energy waiting until that time comes and I know it will be an amazing atmosphere and just an amazing time.

I can’t say I have seen them live yet but! if it is anything like their music I truly think they are going to blow my mind away, I got into this band around January 2011 I was just scrolling down the page I was on and my friend had posted it up and I was interested to see who these were because there was a lot of fuss over them and so I clicked on the song and I think it was the song “make a beast of myself” and I just fell in love with them that second and If I could tell you to check out  one band it would be these, the lyrics to the songs are just phenomenal and every time I listen to any of “Twin Atlantic’s” songs I am instantly put in a brilliant mood, defiantly a must hear band!

I don’t know the last time they played inNewcastleif they even played at all but I know this is going to be a monument in time its self!


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