Just Me Again: By Steff Curry

Just Me Again Review By Steff Curry

A band to look out for in 2012 is Just Me Again. After spending some time in 2011 recording in Stake Out Studios, touring with Mike Fantastic and being special guests at the Blastbeat Final which was held in the Indigo2 in the O2 Arena, they are set to have an amazing year.

 Just Me Again is a band with great personalities and energy! They own the stage at every gig they do by having Marty on the Bass and Elyar on the Guitar jumping around the stage while Julian is at the back on the drums.

 We already know that they have their first headline tour coming up this April. It will be their second time playingNewcastle, but this time they’re the headlining band. The tour is already selling fast and they’ll be joined by Burn So Bright.

 With a possible chance to support McFly after entering theBattleof the Bands competition getting in at 50 with 1728 votes I wish them luck and hope they get one of the support slots.

 2012 looks like it will be bringing a lot of new faces into the JMA fan base and a lot of gigs for the band! They are defiantly worth checking out and keeping an eye on!

 Just Me Again are playing The Riverside on the 2nd of April. VIP tickets are £20 and normal tickets are £5.

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