Last Witness By Katie Mishner

Venue: O2 Academy, Newcastle Upon Tyne

February 2012

By Katie Mishner

It’s not often a band can get the whole room moving within the first intro of the first song, let alone a support band. But Last Witness did exactly this.

Opening with heavy riff, induced by a classic racing countdown. When the intro had kicked in, the surge of energy displayed from both the band and crowd overwhelmed those present. And then Green Eyes was brought in.

As well as displaying energy through the music, the presence of Last Witness was to be admired, Theo (vocals) especially filling up the stage with every verse. In addition, the vocalist got the crowd involved by giving the occasional stage dive, which was accepted greatly by the gathered group of people yelling their lyrics back at the band.

The transition from one song to another was brisk but smooth, and the crowd only increased the displayed energy, the riffs blaring from the guitar displayed both heavy aspects but also provided Newcastle with the melodic hooks embedded excellently, especially during “Dreamland Welcomes You” in which the beginning breakdown sent the crowd wild, opening a fairly big pit as Last Witness continued to jump across the stage.

Last Witness also offered a lot more than a show to Newcastle, playing a fair few of songs from their highly anticipated album “Mourning After” due for release on February 20th. The majority of the crowd appreciated it, though it was apparent that many of the fans were awaiting The Devil Wears Prada, and as Last Witness provides a different genre to that of the headline, some were not too accepting. Saying this, the energy and talent of Last Witness was sure to win over most.

Midway through their set, Last Witness played “The Void” a single already released which received a great reception as firstly the track is excellent, introduced by a tension building riff played, whilst volume turned down, and induced by Theo (vocals) roaring “I can’t go back” which was almost as powerful during their live performance and again maintained the crowds energy, and gave them something to move about to. I found this the most thrilling song live as it was compromised between tempo and tone providing a brilliant sound.

The drums were also consistent, the stamina displayed by the band is something to be admired, for me improving their performance nothing was portrayed as sloppy. The whole band were in the air for a lot of the time, fuelling the crowd to move around more and more, impressive for a support band!

It is apparent that the live show is both for crowd and band with Last Witness, despite being a support band, however it was clear that given a headline show with this capacity, the band could do a lot more. As Theo said “Three more songs and we’ll be out your way” nearing the end of their set, it should be taken note that their ferocious riffs and undeviating vocals had left quite an impact on the people so eager to hear The Devil Wears Prada.

Being in the crowd gave me the best of this experience, for the most of the set I could feel myself being pushed by the overwhelming crowd responding the music being played.

During the new songs, it was easy to lose yourself in the atmosphere as what the instruments were playing was near incredible and really set the barrier for the album, but also the feel of the crowd. Too often a support band that are considered fairly new may not get the best of reception however, Last Witness played like they had something to prove, they won over the crowd.

Overall, the performance displayed by Last Witness was exceptional, and I’d give a 4/5 with the justifications that follow..

  • The band emitted energy. After the first song they had already done the job of a support band, they’d warmed the crowd up in preparation for the headline band. But they didn’t stop there, they maintained this throughout the whole set, even though their music it was sheer raw energy and passion.
  • They genuinely played well live, they’re a good band on record but to see them live is a chance you shouldn’t miss out on. If you don’t like Last Witness, catch them live, and then you’ll understand.
  • Finally, as well as putting on a good show, they displayed crowd interaction which is always good for a fan. It genuinely means a lot to people who come out to shows to be noticed.


I strongly recommend seeing this band,

Last Witness are still on tour with The Devil Wears Prada til 17th February, and on the 20th February their new album “Mourning After” comes out. Current single “The Void” is out on iTunes now with other releases!

Pre order new album here:

Check them out on facebook here:


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