My Three Favourite Bands: By Chris Tate

Whenever a new person joins my Darkus Empire – one of the key questions I ask them is “Who inspires you musically?”. I asked my newest reviewer and street teamer Chris Tate, to go away and think about this question, and within a couple of hours he came back to me, naming three amazing artists and why they mean so much to him.

I try not to be bias, but off record this young man has fecking amazing taste in music 🙂

Below is his work, hope you enjoy.



My favourite three bands

 By Chris Tate

I would have to say that my favourite three bands definitely have to be, Bring Me The Horizon, Young Guns & While She Sleeps. Just listening to them makes me feel so great inside. While everyone else may listen to mainstream artists, I love to listen to post hardcore and pop-punk which you can very rarely hear on your average radio.

I have listed the reason why each of these bands is special to me, so hopefully you will be able to relate to my reasons!

 Bring Me The Horizon


  • Their style of music (post-hardcore/metal-core) creates an unreal vibe when ever listening to them.


  • Having only followed their progress as a band for two years, has helped influence my own musical aspirations which I have incorporated into my own band.


  • The fact that they have played along side the likes of Metallica, Paramore, as well as headlining festivals such as Leeds & Reading shows that they seem to be going from strength to strength.


  • Their music helps me to focus & also in my opinion helps people to feel good about themselves, as not only is their material inspiring, but it is music that everyday people such as you or me can relate to.


Young Guns


  • Post-hardcore style music which is balanced out and well complimented with the band’s clear vocals.


  • Like Bring Me The Horizon, Young Guns too are also going from strength to strength. For instance they have just completed a European Tour with Save Our Breath and Outcry Collective.


  • The latest album ‘Bones’, released this year is just totally amazing.


  • Listening to too much of one genre can sometimes make you get sick, especially as some artists material can be rather heavy. Therefore Young Guns is special to me because their songs such as ‘Bones’ or ‘Sons of Anarchy’ helps me whenever I just want to chill.


While She Sleeps



  • One of my all time favourite bands who I never get tired of listening to or seeing.


  • I love listening to them because their music excites me and makes me feel good about myself. As a result I find myself singing along while listening to their amazing music.


  •  The lead vocalist does an amazing job. Most people can’t scream properly, but he manages to do it with style. There is no sign of straining or struggling.


  • While She Sleeps are the perfect band in my opinion, because they have the perfect combination of catchy lyrics, stunning vocals and bouncy guitar riffs.


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