Peter Carr: Reviews

January 3rd 2012

Reviews by Peter Carr

Token- Back In The Day EP

In their own words Token are a ‘Four piece crazy assed band ready to rock the North East’ and if this album is anything to go by then they will be rocking not just the North East but the entire UK. There is already a buzz surrounding this band and it is completely justified, if you see the band live you can feel the electricity and buzz in the room, so keep your eyes on this band, you could be at the start of something special. You can hear the bands love of grunge come through in the songs, think Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and a whole host of other grunge behemoths, and Token will be spoke alongside these bands in the not so distant future.
The opening track on this EP is the title track ‘Back In The Day’ i found myself walking round singing ‘I’m going back in the dayyy’ and i know i’ll be doing it for a long time, a sure sign of a song that gets in your head and you love it! The whole EP has taken bits pieces from some fantastic bands, improved upon it and added Tokens talent and made it something original. Throughout this album the duel vocals of Jimi Trimmer and Craig Hardy give a deep depth to each track and you can’t help but join in, there is something in the vocals that draw you in and make you want to sing out loud. The track ‘Layer Cake’ has a every band member on top form from flying guitars, soaring bass lines and hard drum beats, and of course the vocals shearing the track with the grunge sound of Token. The last track ‘Harmonix’ is the perfect closing track, a more laid back and i feel retrospective track, it made me re-live gigs past and times in my life were music was the main part (eg gigs, parties, rehearsals….) my words in this review can’t do justice to this band, go pick up an EP (check out the music pod, or the bands facebook page, links will be added to the end of the review) and try your hardest to see the band live! Long live the revival!  add on facebook  the band on youtube

The Endgame- November EP

This debut album from Durham based band The Endgame is one of those albums that comes along every now and then that everyone should hear. It’s got it all, fantastic songs, fantastic playing and lyrics that you will remember. Trying to put this band in a genre is hard work as they are funky, rocking and indie all at the same time, and it works really well. I highly urge everyone to see this band live to truly understand the depth and skill of this 4 piece, i will post gig dates in the blog. As with most great abum’s this one opens with a track that grabs you by the ears and promises to take you on a smooth and fun ride, ‘Torn’ is the first track, think of a bit of Santana with a great english band’s skill and precision. At 2:30 into the song there is a break down that is just fantastic, i don’t think it could be any better and it makes the track complete. As with the rest of this album The Endgame hit the mark every time, not one song are you looking at the time left to play or wishing for the next track, the two standout tracks for me are ‘Torn’ with it’s funk and amazing break down and ‘Marketplace’ it’s a perfect summer song with sing along lyrics and an ability to conjure memories of summers past. All in all this is a perfect debut for a band of highly skilled musicians (and thoroughly nice people may i add!)  pick up a copy either at the music pod, check the blog for address and contact details, or you can download it from iTunes. If you do anything today, purchase this album!  check out this version of ‘Torn’  and The Endgame on Facebook


Sleepy Valley- Self Titled EP

If you like Lo FI electronic sounds then Sleepy Valley is for you, imagine The Knife and Caribou and you are half way to understanding how good this is. Gary Dempsey is the conductor behind this symphonica, weaving lo fi tunes that take you on a hazy journey to places you can only imagine. Each track is solid, interesting blips and scuzzy fuzzy bass lines that builds tracks worthy of the electronic elite. From the first track ‘Control’ you are taken through a fantastic album, each track hitting you in the chest and giving you that fuzzy feeling that only electronic music can, from indie, rock, pop and electro fans there is something to take away. I have seen Sleepy valley play live a few times now and he delivers on all fronts, great showman, great atmosphere and killer tracks. I urge everyone who reads this to check out Sleepy Valley as you will not regret it, so what are you waiting for, explore the Valley!  facebook page

Los Campesinos, and why i love them so much.

Well where do i start, i guess with the first time i heard Los Campesinos! I was playing on YouTube and saw a video for a song called ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ well i gave it a listen and instantly fell in love. I went straight from YouTube to and bought the album which i was happy to see had only just been released, i knew i was at the start of something amazing.
Well i waited with baited breath for my album to arrive and lo and behold the next day (first and last time that has ever happened!) it arrived, i unwrapped the album and was struck the by the original and fun artwork, which is something i don’t often do. After enjoying the front cover for longer than was necessary, i put the CD on and lay back for a listen. Well after about 5 seconds i was up and jumping around my room like a crazy man, the effects of the music were instant, i was officially in love, we are talking facebook relationship status serious! After the love i had for the first album when i heard there was a second on the way i felt both happy and apprehensive, happy because i would get another fix of Campesinos, and apprehensive because what if they had the second album curse and it sucked! Well my fears were soon put to bed, the second album ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’ was a huge success, 9/10 in NME and full marks in many other magazines and 10000/10 from me! I won’t turn this into an album review but i loved every track and i am now the owner of a tattoo with the words ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed somewhere about my person, any ideas where? After the success of album two we fans were on high and waiting for the next offering, and in typical Campesinos! fashion, they delivered! ‘Romance Is Boring’ was album three and what an album it was, full of the lyrical genius that is in each of the previous albums and the entire band working as a unit to create a masterpiece. The album took me a few more listens than with the other albums to get, but once i got it i was struck with the beauty and genius of Campesinos. The third album was a maturity, a shakedown of previous work but thankfully not an entire re-invention, because the spirit of Los Campesinos is a perfect blend. As of writing Los Campesinos have just released album four ‘Hello Sadness’ and yet again hit the mark, this album is a bit darker and a perfect break up album i believe. Fuelled by lead singer Gareth’s split from ‘Slow Club’s’ Rebecca Taylor and his already dark humour he weaves songs  from pain and dead romance into beauty, dark and light with the always razor sharp wit. For me every track is a standout, but if i had to mention a favourite, well it has to be ‘Songs About Your Girlfriend’ from the amazing tune and rhythm, to the story of breaking up a relationship but not quite being victorious, the line ‘I never made her smile like that’ is almost a doff of the cap to the other man until he follows with the line ‘ i always made her purr like a cat’ a twist of the knife if there ever was one. All in all Los Campesinos are going from strength to strength and i don’t believe they will ever miss the mark, but a huge fan would say that.


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