Review of the Week: 15 Jan 2012

Jacks Not Smooth

By Katie Mishner


2012 could be the year to change a lot of things for British music. With the upcoming new material from bands such as Your Demise, Lower Than Atlantis and Architects the british music scene is already looking like it’s in for a treat.

Looking at the more local scene, big things are happening also! Especially for theManchesterquartet Jack’s Not Smooth who released their 5 track EP “For The Shits and Gigs”  who received over 100 downloads of their EP within three days of releasing.

Taking influence from a variety of bands including A Day To Remember, You Me At Six and Enter Shikari. It is obvious where their sounds come from, although they manage to incorporate a pop punk edge whilst adding subtle bits of dubstep in their breakdowns.

The first track on their EP is the cleverly titled intro “Don’t Get Too Excited, It’s Only An Intro” which sets the tone for this album, without even hearing the vocals. Catchy guitar riffs and sharp drum beats to get the listeners attention. This then smoothly moves onto the second track “You Wish You Had A Bromance with This Guy” a song introduced with two separate vocals, low and higher giving the perfect contrast for their sound. The song then progresses into Tom DeLonge esque vocals with fairly heavy guitar tone in the background, which strangely makes a good combination. The third track is the one that stands out to me personally, “This Is Sparta” begins with drums, with technicality and a quick tempo it really sets the tone for the song. The bass is then introduced with what sounds like small fills, and then the riff is brought in. The song is very bassy, in effect making it heaviest on the whole EP. The vocals so far have mainly been cleans, on this song the screams are the majority but when the cleans are brought into the chorus, the instruments seem to have a pop punk edge. However the singing stays raw, which is a perfect combination with deep low screams. As the song moves on new techniques are brought in such as group vocals into a breakdown which has some dub merged into it. The last two songs “Nemo, Where The Fuck Have You Been” and “Smoother Than Smooth” are the lightest songs in my opinion, but this is not a negative thing. They both have technicality and the heavy guitar tone but the vocals override this and give an A Day To Remember song. Overall a very well produced album, these guys will definitely be ones to watch out for.

2012 for them will be hopefully be gig fuelled, it’d also be nice to see a video and maybe even some more songs!

Jack’s Not Smooth are on facebook and you can get their fantastic EP for free for just liking their page here:

2012 should belong to British music, so share the music and enjoy.

All the best to Jack’s Not Smooth for 2012.


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