Review of The Week: 2 Jan 2012

Congratulations to this weeks winner of review of the week ….. I am proud to say the name of the lucky person is: KATIE MISHNER

Read her fabulous masterpiece below:

During the Christmas period, the expectation is that everyone will be listening to Mariah Carey, Bing Crosby and various other christmas artists.. not me. For me, Devils Island by Architects has been the song that is stuck in my head. Recieving complaints from fans about latest album “The Here And Now” not being as aggressive and energetic as previous albums such as “Nightmare” and “Hollow Crown”, Architects responded with this beauty. 
It is apparent that most of the songs are toned down on “The Here And Now”.. take “Stay Young Forever” a track on their most recent album, it has the tempo and it has the harsh vocals but it does not consist of the energy and drive we have seen from previous songs such as “Buried At Sea”(taken from the album ruin). although the album does display a very delicate side to Sam Carters voice that was appreciated by the fans, it just does not contain the “Architects” feel we have seen shown off, impressivley, may I add.
Following the events of the London Riots, Carter (vocals) was obviously wound up about it as he once said “I write about life, and whats going on in my life right now”. 
The opening of the song is tender, and sounds like he’s questioning the rioters by using the words “This is your country, this is your home” but only singing this, nothing more but a slight guitar background but not being strummed, so theres a very limited tempo which leaves us wondering how they’re going to bring the anger and speed into this song.
After what seems like a gentle message has been sung, instruments are brought in, fast tempo, loud dynamics..what all the fans have been waiting for and as if to say that the warning has expired because we are then introduced to Carters ferocious screaming, giving a brief list of what the rioters have taken and what they have destroyed. Following the loud dynamics, the tempo is brought to a slight decrease as Sam Carter begs “Take it back”, double the agression due to the contrast. And following that, the lighter vocals are brought back into play to reminisce of what our country was like before it. 
The song continues to grow agressive until it reaches a point where the vocals are half sung, questioning what happened, why they did it because all their reasons sound like lies “You shout so loud that all I hear is silence” and then we are brought to a reptition of the start of this sound, what Architects wanted to say has been said.
First of all, the riots angered me a lot so for there to be a song of this quality out there displaying exactly how I feel about it is excellent. Theres not much we can do but if we do get our voices heard in an appropriate manner.. we could make a change.
And also, the energy from this song is already a massive step up from “The Here and Now” despite it being a good album, technically, it just wasn’t as raw so it is good to hear that back in Architects. All we can do now is sit tight and wait for them to right some more songs, not only displaying the usual vibe they give off, but their new sound that they have developed with time.
Devils Island, for me, is a representation of their growth, but it’s also spontanenous (like the riots). It does combust with energy, but its also slightly calculated and contained being brought back with the softer parts of the song.
Architects will be recording their fifth studio album very soon.
By Katie Mishner.

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