Reviews of 2011 by Chloe Spears

Reviews by Chloe Spears
Christmas… and Kiss my Ass!
The most recent, rocking and rude Christmas song of 2011, brought to you by those American pop punk rockers, All Time Low from their recent album Dirty Work, released in June. Featuring a hand made puppet and a saucy sectary with an array of fantasy dreams inside the office, the video brings a different side to the festive cheer of this time of year! The song develops a strong feel of love, hate, jealousy and regret from the summer months,  it shows an even divide of those heart-warming emotions often felt at Christmas, but is defiantly a tune that will make you up for a sing along! So if you’re up for something a little different, defiantly punk rock, then you can download the bands latest track on iTunes.  
Fan of the  X Factor? Or have you just been tuning in because there’s nothing decent on TV in the run up to Christmas…. Well it’s almost definite that, like most years, this year’s winners ‘Little Mix’s single ‘Cannonballs’ will hit the Christmas number one spot, striving to slay every other artists putting forward singles for the hot spot. Although this year, we hear you screaming for something a little different from your average teenage male soloist, voted as winner by a large percentage of Britain’s middle aged and ‘yummy mummy’ category, singing the shows manufactured and drastically over-rated re-makes of classics. Little Mix have strived to become the first ever group act to win the talent contest, putting their name softly down in the record books.  With mentor Tulisa strongly on their case, it’s certain that alongside previous groups such as JLS and One Direction, Little Mix’s success is already decided by the Great British Public. The quartet, brought together in boot camp, from South Shields to  the midlands, the fan base spurs from all over the country, building up the voting force of the public. 

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