Sennen: Wasted Heart Music Video Review

Article By Lewis Cowins

The music video is all set in one room during a session. The room is lit with a mellow, yellow lighting to set the mood. There are also decorative lights scattered across the floor that set the tone for such a delicate and heartfelt song. Filled with emotion but so calm and still, the song really makes you feel relaxed and opens your mind free to thought.

Looking at the expressions and body language of the members in the band you can tell how effort they put into their playing and writing, the song is clearly personal to all of them individually. They band are all sat on chairs motionless minus their playing which also gives the song a calm feel.

From just hearing the intro to the song it sounded fantastic musically then when he started singing it really did fill the sound. It’s a song that can suit any mood as the vocals are quite sad but the music is happy and uplifting it is a masterfully written song. The fantastic vocal harmonies and lead guitar parts make the song a pleasure to listen to. Kudos to this band for all of their effort, it has paid off.

The drums and bass are kept very simple in this song but they blend everything together perfectly. The bass pushes the song forward and keeps it moving at a steady space while the drums fill up the sound nicely. They have definitely left a good first opinion in my mind and I am looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.

To see the video for yourself click here and prepare to be amazed!


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