Street Teamer Review Of The Week: 8th January 2012

AFI (A Fire Inside) – Crash Love

 By Chris Steel

One of my most played albums at the moment, is A.F.I’s (A Fire Inside) most recent album, Crash Love.  The album was released in September 2009, and shows a significant improvement in their music. So much so, that the bands own Davey Havok (Lead Vocalist) said that “personally, I’ve never been more proud of an AFI record” and called it “the album by which we’ll be remembered.”


With this new album came AFI changing their sound slightly, making their sound more pop and synth, but still managing to keep the all important rock sound. One of the key points that has stayed the same throughout A.F.I.’s albums is Davey Havok’s fascination with self-destruction and death. Although, in the new album it has been toned down slightly to something we could relate to.


I believe that AFI have started the album with the strongest song out of them all, Torch Song. The way the song fades at the start, it throws you off and makes you think its going to be a slow and mournful song, and then throws you into the body of the song with an epic guitar riff. The song lyrics throw you straight into Havok’s death obsession by singing about angels, but also mixing in about love. If you listen to the lyrics, you will realise that he is singing about losing a partner, and missing and loving them so much, that he is willing to kill himself, just to be with her again; “I’d tear out my eyes for you …….. I’ll tear out my soul for you.”


My favourite song out of this whole album has got to be Beautiful Theives. This song is talking about how you will not be suspected or blamed for anything if you are absolutely beautiful, as they will believe you can’t do no wrong. When I listen to this song however, it makes me think of the change Davey Havok went through,  when producing this album, to change his image. To me,  he is singing about himself; saying that before he changed (when he looked rather feminine), people would look at him and because he was different, or ‘odd looking’ as some people might say, and think that he could be guilty for something, as people usually blame the person who is different. Now he has changed (he looks normal again/better looking), he would more likely get away with whatever was done because he is the same as everyone else. The song has been written to identify stereotyping in the present day; “If we run this light, take a little life, No one will care at all. We can burn it and leave, for we are the beautiful thieves, no one suspects at all.”


I would recommend this album to anyone who enjoys thinking about the meaning behind the song, and relating them to their own life.

 If you were a fan of the bands older albums, then you should definitely give this new album a listen.

  1. my boyfriend is so talented 😀

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