The Greatness that is INME: By Amanda Knox

With INME due to come to the north east later this year, I asked Amanda Knox one of my latest recruits to write a little piece on this fantastic band, as it is a group we both love. Below you can see her brilliant words, which hopefully will encourage you to check out InME’s music if you havent already.



Inme – By Amanda Knox

Many of us remember Inme hitting the spotlight in 2002, the extraordinary voice of Dave McPherson, the new age rock sound that had that unique ingredient that none of us could quite put our finger on and the looks that made girls weak at the knees.

Although Underdose was their first single and of course an impressive track, their next single Firefly would be the masterpiece to grab our attention, making us anxious to hear more!
We awaited Inme’s first album; Overgrown Eden across January of 2003, which graced us with a handful of magnificent tracks. Overgrown Eden as a completed album appealed to the troubled teenager, containing songs that resembled musical poetry with a dark side, a lot like what we would refer to as Emo now days.
Inme have matured immensely over the past 9 years and I for one am excited that they are still going strong and are still writing with determination to keep going and stay on our tellies!
Inme’s sound and image have gone through a number of changes since Joe Morgan departed the band following the release of their second album White Butterfly, rejoined by Gazz Marlow and Dave’s brother Greg McPherson. Generating a whole new Inme, now appearing more heavy and commercialised.
Joe Morgan departing Inme certainly made changes. My personal favourite album was created before Joe’s departure, which gives me the suspicion that his input to the song writing could be an important missing ingredient.
White butterfly being their most magnificent album will take Inme something truly outstanding to match.

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