Tissue Culture by Lewis Cowins

TISSUE CULTURE by Lewis Cowins

Or better known as ‘Tish Cult’ by their fans, are a 6 piece indie rock band from Newcastle. Although only young (still teens) Tissue culture are already masters of creating a shoegazey wall of overdriven power that you can literally feel hitting you hard. Heavily influenced by the likes of Explosions In The Sky, Foals and The Maccabees, Tissue Culture have really mastered how to use three blaring guitars effectively by using intense and unique harmonies whilst adding just enough not to overpower everything else.

The power of the band is mainly brought by the drums and bass. They fit perfectly together and work hand in hand exactly how the rhythm section should. They know exactly how to texturize the different areas of a song musically and finally all of the instruments are weaved together by synth, the newest edition to the band, which has already been added to every song.

Tish Cult come up with amazing riffs and lyrical hooks to their songs for example ‘oh Anna’ and ‘Once more’ are words that their following will find incredibly hard not to sing along to. As if it wasn’t enough for this band to be well established on the local music scene, they are also the proud victors of the NExsposure competition 2011 where they went up against over 150 other bands from the area across all genres. This band is truly achieving its goals.

Feel like checking these guys out? You can find them on facebook at:  www.facebook.co.uk/tissueculture

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