‘You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire’

Summerlin Review  by Nicole Davison

Summerlin are back with their brand new single, “You can’t burn out if you’re not on fire”. For those of you who are not familiar with the band they are Drew Lawson (Vocals), Ben Jackson (Bass), Liam Broad (Drums) and latest edition Roo Buxton (Guitar & Vocals).

As ever they never fail to impress me with their new music. The single has been well worth the wait living up to my expectations and exceeding them on so many levels too. This track sounds nothing like any of the other Summerlin tracks I have heard such as “I’ve got a future”, “Watch you dance”, and “Between seas and lovers” which are all very pop punk tracks.

However this track takes Summerlin to a whole new level showing how much they have grown both  as artists and musicians with fast moving rhythm and new lyrics helping to show how much more confidence they have now. The new track has so much energy and enthusiasm so much so I am dancing away while writing this review this energetic new sound could get any one off their seat!   With the lead sounding quite mentally throughout allot of the bass is hidden amongst the guitar riffs. This band defiantly make me feel alive they can change how you are feeling just through their music and make a day go much faster.

Summerlin are gearing up for what promises to be a hectic, exhilarating year with plenty of touring behind the album.  The debut album is set for release on the 14th of May 2012 so watch this space.

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