You Me At Six – By Bethany Jordan

Wow this has to be one of the most passionate and fantastic pieces of work I have seen from any of my street team. Bethany joined me at the recent You Me At Six show – so look below to check out her review.

Dee xxx


You Me At Six Gig Review

By Bethany Jordan

 On  Sunday 25th March  five piece pop-punk band You Me At Six came to the O2 academyNewcastle. As they missedNewcastleout on the October tour I knew that this show would be even more amazing than it already would be.

 You Me At Six had some amazing bands supporting them – Mayday Parade, Kids In Glass Houses and The Skints. Everyone was stoked about this show – I mean who wouldn’t be with an amazing headline band and then some fantastic supports.

I knew this was going to be a night to remember which is why I started to que at 8am along with many other people. The day just totally dragged because everyone was far too excited. Eventually it turned 7pm and everyone started heading into the academy. By the time I got to my position, The Skints were already playing. They got the crowed moving and they were getting involved and just rocking out and having fun, which was great to see.

Then came the best moment ever, knowing that I was getting to see Mayday Parade again. As they took to the stage I started filling up with excitement, it almost didn’t feel real.

Once they started belting out with all their hearts and soul to ‘Kids in Love’ I realized how great my life is and how lucky I am to be stood in front of Mayday Parade. Not everyone knew who they were but everyone still got involved and that is what I love about Mayday Parade. As a band they just love doing what they do and getting everyone involved with the audience which is brilliant. The set was ended with ‘Black Cat’ and everyone was jumping and having fun and I for one was singing my heart out. I didn’t have a care in the world who was watching me, I was just enjoying my time seeing Mayday parade as its not very often they actually play in theUK.

 Next to come was Kids In Glass Houses. Man do they know how to put on a show. Everyone was moving and singing along and they most certainly warmed up the crowd for headliners You Me At Six. Playing a mixture of old and new tracks, Kids In Glass Houses were most certainly a band that I would go and see again.

It was finally time for You Me At Six.  As soon as they got onto the stage everyone was screaming, the lads started off with there single from Sinners Never Sleep ‘Loverboy’. The crowd was going mental as everyone was oozing with energy.

 You Me At Six were playing songs from all three albums, the crowd was going mad, and then the mood turned right down when the band started playing the song ‘Crash’. The audience was singing along, waving there arms in the air and even some were having a cry.  The song is just so magical, it fills the air with love.

Coming back on stage for their encore in style, they ended  with ‘Bite my Tongue’. Before the start of  the song, front man Josh Franceschi was having a word with the crowd telling them to ignore the security and that if you were in seating then to stand up.

Security was having none of it, but I am glad he told them straight because you should be allowed to stand to enjoy the show even more.

With Oliver Sykes not being at the show, he was unable to do those amazing vocal screams so Josh Franceschi improvised and  did them himself. Oh my, they certainly were wonderful screams.

Despite a mixture of bad events such as the cancellation of the band’s Ireland dates and Josh having the whole band put on the best show they could and its great to see the lads progressing and becoming huge.

 To hear just how amazing You Me At Six are check out all their albums:

Take off your Colours, Hold Me Down & Sinners Never Sleep.



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