Burning Crows

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Article By Dee

British rock and roll music does not get any better than The Burning Crows. I am always passionate about the local music scene, so it came as an actual delight when the guys got in touch with Darkus Magazine, and asked if I could take some time out to check out their music.

 Often when people do something like that, I approach with a open mind, so as Burning Crows were new to me, I went in with the same attitude. Sure I could of gone on to their Facebook and checked out a lot of their tracks, however as a new potential fan, I set the guys the task of picking me some of their favourites that they believed would convert me in an instant. Feck Me! Not only did they rise to the challenge, but they gave me tracks guaranteed to liven up anyone’s mind.

 ‘Best Damn Everything’ has to be one of the best songs from a local band I have heard in the past few weeks. Its old fashion rock and roll but a touch of fresh air, thus taking it to the next level. People often speak about legends such as Guns and Roses and Kiss. While those artists may be top class, Burning Crows really shine in this track. A steady yet energetic pace to the track had me sitting in my chair bopping my head up and down as I typed away. Although focused on work at the time, I could just imagine myself having a quick break to not just dance but get out the air guitar to the amazing skill and talent Burning Crows have.

 This is only the first track I listened to so what about some of the others? ‘Time’ – wow what a song! This track is brilliantly constructed because as well as the fantastic beats, its presented in a way that allows a listener to focus carefully on the thing which make this song beautiful – the lyrics! 2 songs down and I think not only was I past being converted, I was starting to think what to wear if ever I was lucky to see these guys perform.

 My ultimate favourite track from Burning Crows which got me on my feet in a flash, and encouraged me to just go wild and jump with hyperness on my bed was ‘Slow Up, Get Down’. This was just the right song which regardless of your mood, is guaranteed to get you in the party spirit and liven up your day. I think I may of annoyed the neighbours by singing Slow Up Get Down in a loud voice haha – but to hell with it I just loved this song but the only way to deal with critical people is to crank up the volume!

 The speaker levels went up even higher once, ‘You, Me, Tonight’ came on. This is a definite party song, full of stunning vocals, plenty of attitude and beats to make you go wild with excitement.

 Burning Crows have definitely impressed me a lot, and what is best is that they bring an energy to the music scene, that if they maintain will result in them achieving many great opportunities.

 Burning Crows you have the Darkus seal of approval! Keep up the Good Work!!

 The band will be touring in September so be sure to check them out at one of their shows:

 September 1st –Norwich, Waterfront

September 2nd –Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms

September 3rd –London, Borderline

September 5th –Sheffield, Corporation

September 6th –Newcastle, Trillians

September 7th –Glasgow, Cathouse

September 8th –Belfast, Auntie Annie’s

September 9th –Dublin, Academy 2

September 11th –Cardiff, Bogiez

September 12th,Nottingham, Bodega



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