My ExtraOrdinary Interview December 2011: A Local Band Who Have Gone The Next Step

My ExtraOrdinary Interview with Dewey, Joe and Martin

Questions byDee


Back in 2008 I was waiting in a queue for a gig when I bumped into four quirky young guys, who introduced themselves to me as My Extra Ordinary. Little did I know that when fast forwarded to 2011, that this would be a name I would never forget.


The four member band from Tyne and Wear have gone from strength to strength over the past few years and what is even more great is that they are proof that with hard work local bands can take their music to the next level. With this in mind it felt right that I caught up with these guys to find out about their remarkable progress so far.

Question: How did you all come to know each other?

Joe explained to me that the original band members were Ant and Martin. Wanting to create a musical fusion, the pair decided to look to getting more members of the band. After searching various places, they eventually stumbled across Dewey online. As for Joe the rest of the guys knew this cheeky chappy from their school days.

Who came up with the band name?

Joe & Dewey: This was a random eureka moment when Ant was chilling out at home. With his mother busy on the phone, Ant had to watch the television with the subtitles on. You would think this would be a nightmare, but not for Ant as he was watching like an eagle to see if any words stand out. Being fascinated by the phrase, Extra Ordinary, he kept things simple, and put a My in front to create…. My Extra Ordinary.

What would you say gives your band the edge?

Martin explains that the key to their band is the fact that the band have been together for 3 and a half years. With no splits or changes to the dynamic of the band, this he believes has helped them to be a group where all 4 members are totally dedicated.


At what point did you realise that music was what you wanted to do?

Martin: Since a kid. It has always been something he has always been extremely passionate about doing.

Joe: He was influenced by Martin. And as for Dewey a lot of influence came from his family and what direction he wanted to take his life.

 Joe adds to this that the music they play does not reflect their own music preferences, which is remarkable as it shows how this band are able to take risks and push themselves.

I believe you have an official agent. How has this eased the pressure?

Now usually the local bands I speak to are unsigned, so it was good to hear a different point of view for a change. The band were all united in saying that it was a great weight off their shoulders. In the early days without an agent they would be second guessing. By agreeing to have an agent this meant they were able to gain the experience of someone who knew what they were doing and when to do it. As a result this caused the band to appear in national music magazines such as Kerrang and Rock Sound.

Was the chemistry instant between all the members, or did it take a couple of meetings?

Joe admits that in the early days he was not so good at everything. Furthermore he was terrified of Dewey in practice, who was dressed in black with his hood up.

However Martin adds that this was a band of similar minded people and that this helped to ease the relationship between everyone, to the point where in good time they became a tight unit.

What has 2011 been like for My Extra Ordinary?

Martin: Hectic as the E.P took about 7 to 8 months of their time. However he also agreed despite this, this was the year that the band found their identity, describing it as a feeling of enlightenment.

Joe states it may have been hard work, but it was nevertheless rewarding. Dewey agreed with this and added that it was good to finally see that their talent and the hours they put in has finally paid off.

Whilst being in the band, how have your lives changed?

Martin was quite proud to say that he believed that they had grown up as people. Joe however stated that over the past year and a half he realised that the band was the main focus in his life, and it was about time to take the music and My Extra Ordinary as a whole more seriously.

 How important was the support of your friends and family during the early days?

All three had total respect for their families. Martin was grateful to his mother. Joe to his parents, for helping him with driving lessons which allowed him to be independent. Dewey was totally appreciative for the emotional and financial help all families contributed at the pivotal stages of this bands making.

Which song do you always find enjoyable to perform?

There are quite a few catchy songs, but all three were unanaimous in naming their standout song as “Reality”. Joe explains that he believes this comes across as pretty exceptional when played lived.

Have there been any challenges you encountered as a local band?

Again another interesting answer. The music scene inNewcastleis aimed at either a hardcore metal crowd or for those into Indie. Explaining themselves to have no specific genre, and not following a trend like other bands out there this has made things a little bit challenging in the past. However by keeping a positive attitude and a level head the band have silenced their critics through there spectacular music.

Disappointing to hear as well was that Joe and Martin informed me that some of the local bands they have supported have shown agro from time to time, whereas bands such as The Young Guns were respectful, down to earth and genuinely nice people. The days of ol fashion rock and roll attitude are over; the local scene is hard as it is without bands adding further problems.

From listening to your music, coming to your shows what do you think others can learn about our regions local music scene?

Martin & Joe summed this answer up quite beautifully. For Martin it was important that people should not be too quick to pigeon whole yourselves, and have an open mind. Joe on the other hand added by even showing even the slightest bit of support, this is something which is always appreciated.

Over the years how have you developed and matured as a band?

 Martin: Musically as a band they have experiemented from the simple to the complex, to the point they have now found a happy medium.

Joe: Touring has been a big step, as it has been useful to play in other areas than just the North East.

Have you had any regrets?

Martin explains that the band have not really had any. Instead they regard mistakes as a necessary part of the process which helps them to learn and build knowledge of how to deal with all types of dilemmas.

Dewey being silent for quite some time now, then adds “I slept wrong”!…..a man of few little words, but a total genius ha.

What is in store for 2012?

Firstly the band will be releasing a new song on the 16th January called the Hero That Walked Away. Then in February they will be taking to the road on an intense and amazing tour…..Martin adds, “Playing at a local venue near you”

What experience do you hope to gain from yourUKtour in February?

Joe: It is an opportunity for the band to get practice as a band. Joe quite rightly states that touring is a big learning curve, and essential in getting used to being in a band.

Martin: The bands mentality and motivation is put to the test, as you cannot always predict the smooth running of a gig, thus meaning flexibility is necessary.

 Other than Facebook and Myspace how can people find out more about My Extra Ordinary?

Quite simply put – keep checking Kerrang, Rock Sound and coming along to our shows.

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