Mosh Pits: Ahhh there is nothing better!

Assignment Title: What buzz do you get when you get when you are in the centre of a mosh pit?

Street Teamer Up for the challenge to answer this important question: Scott Johnson

Dee’s Initial Thoughts: Fuck Me Mr Johnson! Bring It On!!!!

Well it starts when the band get the pit to open up or a person in the pit opens it up to get the night going , there’s different types of pits:

Mosh pit

This is the normal pit where everyone opens it up and does anything they want, every mosh pit is different there’s hardcore gigs where people two-step and windmill and heavy metal gigs where they push and throw punches. This pit has been around for years since the metal scene began like 40 years ago.

Circle pits

The circle pit is all about going in a clockwise motion and to make the pace of the pit faster whilst pushing and shoving. If a person falls in a circle pit you have to pick them up or it could be painful for the person from everyone stamping on him or falling on him. The circle pit has been around for 30 years and becoming a known pit.

Wall of death/split pit

Wall of deaths are all about two sides of the pit collide but in my opinion is that it looks like a war two armies that fight in the middle. The pit starts as the lead vocalist tells them to spread it open then when a song breaks down and normally the lead vocalist counts to 3 or down from 3 to symbolise the two sides to meet in the middle to start the mosh pit. Wall of death has been around for 25 years and has produced a lot of memorable moments in the past years like in slipknot gigs.

Hardcore pit

The hardcore pits are the most common pitting now, it started when the pit opens everyone two steps and starts to star-grabbing, swinging their arms. There is different moves in a hardcore pit some people do donkey kicks and the morale of the pit is to intentionally hurt someone like most pits but this one you swing your fists to hit people.  Bands are famous for massive pits

There are a lot of bands which have broken a lot of records, like Lamb of God have the record for largest circle pit at download 2007, world largest mosh pit was devil driver 2007 at download.  My favourite bands the world alive and motionless in white produces some of the most insane pits known to man there simply unreal this is because there heavy music and so meaningful lyrics produce so much anger and to realise that anger is to mosh pit. Some lead vocalists go in to the crowd to open up a mosh pit and to interact with their fans and to create more atmospheres so that the pits get larger.

The buzz you get in the centre

The feeling in normal mosh pit is breath taking to know that you have to dodge every punch and to mosh back with everyone by the end of the night you are most likely bruised or broken but you don’t care because your heart s pounding and when you leave the build the fresh air hits you is the best felling ever.

Being in the centre of a circle pit is fast pace and it makes you feel special to know you’re the one controlling the pace in the pit. If a person fall down in the pit you help them up or they will get stamped on,

The wall of deaths the most heart pounding, passionate and nerve filing moment in the night. The lead singer makes your nerves grow until you can’t take it then gives the signal like a count down from 3 then the pit collides and your passion ignites and you start mosh pitting.

A hardcore pit is an angry pit, the centre of this pit makes you aware around everyone around so you can dodge people throwing fists and swinging their arms. The buzz doesn’t go away until the end because you’re always nerve in case you get a fist in the face or a kick to the gut.

In my opinion the buzz makes you feel on top of the world and that the gig goes faster because you’re not watching the show but watching around you to protect yourself from a punch or a kick. Also knowing your releasing anger in the middle of the pit to someone you just met and the feeling of the atmosphere makes your body pump full of adrenaline so provide more energy. The atmosphere in the pit is unreal it makes you be proud to say you were at that show and in that mosh pit and to be able to remember every little bit of the show. All in all the buzz will always be in every gig because ever gig is different the pits can be small or the can be large there will always be different and will always change until the end of pitting.



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