Sparz: A British black solo-artist with a lot of heart and soul!

Sparz Interview – September 12th 2011
Answers by Sparz
Questions by D
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When was it that you decided you wanted to become a rap artist?
Answer: i decided i wanted to become a rap artist 7 months ago.
How would you summarise you and your music in a sentance?
A: a unique sound aimed at motivating and inspiring of the listeners.
According to your biography, you have been pursuing your dream for quite a few years, at the age of 19 now, looking back explain what challenges you had to overcome?
A: Actually i have only been pursuing career for about 7 months now and the hardest thing i have had to over come was opening up and letting everyone know whats going on in my mind because i tend to keep my music real and base it on the day to day situations i see and go through.
As a black young solo artist, going from strength to stength, how proud does that make you feel?
 A: i feel very proud and blessed that the hard work is paying off because for the last 7 months, i have had to balance my studies and music which has been very hard but everything is looking good and positive.
Is there anything you wish you did differently?
A:No, i tend to think carefully about everything i do, that way i never look back in regret.
What is your favourite song to perform?
A: “All wrong” , is my favourite because the fans tend to connect with the lyrics and the reaction is always positive.
From the crowds you have performed to, how have you found their reaction to your tunes?
A: i have been lucky enough to always get a good and positive reaction and reception everytime i step up on stage hopefully it remains that way for many years to come.
Have you had alot of support from your friends and family?
A:fortunately, my friends and family have been very suppotive and incouraged me every step of the way.
Take us through a typical day when your preparing for a performance?
A: first i get up and pray to GOD hoping for a blessed and good show and safe travel for all my fans,and get ready to make my way to the venue, making sure am always on time.Then at the venue, run through sound checks and after that i tend to just stay back stage chilling, making sure my nerves remain calm waiting for my call up.As soon as am called up, i make sure i give the fans the best perfomance of the night.
Being a solo artist what do you think the pros and cons are, compared to say being in a band?
 A:i think its easier making decisions as its only one opinion as compared to 3 or more in a band. But when in a band, i think you have more support fron your band members which you dont have when you are a. Solo artist.
When it comes to your lyrics, where does the inspiration come from?
 A: i am inspired by the daily situation that happen around me, the people and my environment.
To date, what have been your most memorable moments?
A: the very first time i step out on stage is still my memorable moment, hopefully many more to come.
What can fans expect from you in coming months?
A: alot more quality,motivating and inspirating music,
My single all wrong will be released in november.
  1. Shantel njovicks says:

    Wow. This sound amazing.
    I cant wait to hear what this young good looking lad comes up with next.
    that track all wrong is amazing and so real and true.

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