3 September 2011: Wow….these dudes and dudettes have talent!!!

On Saturday 3rd September 2011, yours truly went along to the O2 Academy to see a local gig hosted by my good pal Mr. Jordan Ditchburn :)! As it was quite a while since I been to a local gig I was unsure of what to expect, especially as I had very little idea of the bands who would be performing.

Although I did not stay for the whole event, I nevertheless was able to check out 3 fantastic bands.

Breathe The Silence

This four piece young band opened the show, and from the off were extremly energetic and full of beans as they gave they gave a pretty lively performance. ALthough I tend to be quite reserved when it comes to cover songs, I was impressed with BTS as they did a wide range of music genres, which helped you to appreciate how these guys are not afraid of taking a risk and pushing themselves.

For any young band just starting out, cover songs seem to be a good starting point for trying to find what direction the band wishes to go. However what I did also like was when the band unleashed there own song on the crowd. I must say for the first time of hearing it, it seemed pretty decent. Not only this it put a smile on my face to hear the lead singer adding a touch of screamo to the song as well 🙂

Zero Error

I have seen this band a few times – however the last time I saw them perform was just over a year ago. During that year it has been so sad that when I started to get my foot back into the music journalism, that so many local bands sadly went their seperate ways. However after a year of my absence, it was very good to see that bands such as Zero Error were still going strong. They had plenty of catchy songs of their own, as well as a couple of covers including a Rolling Stones cover.  As there was an audience of all ages, there was something there to keep every person happy. If I had to describe Zero Error’s performance as a band, I would have to say their whole presence and demina was laid back, classy and smooth!

Dixon Did It

The finally band I saw on the night was, Dixon Did It. For those who dont know, this is a band formed from three extremly talented people from a band named Insert. Although Insert have been apart for some time, it was nevertheless impressive to see that these three, Alex Joyce, Anna Jones, and there drummer Aaron Tait back with a vengance. Speaking to Aaron briefly before doors opened, he was excited about the first live performance of Dixon Did It. Yes its sad Insert disbanded, but it was inspirational to hear that these 3 were not going to let the split dishearten there passion for music, and take an onwards and upwards attitude.

As for their actual performance on the night, well I was blown away. Alex’s vocals are always a pleasure to listen to, but this time you could definately tell the passion and dedication in his voice, which in some respects illustrated Dixon Did It raising their game.

Like the other bands before, they did a variety of covers as well as a couple of their own. However the song for me was their version of that Dolly Pardon classic Joliene. My god it was incredibly mezmorising, and I still am humming the tune in my head….well done guys!!!

SO then to summarize, these three bands, Breathe The Silence, Zero Error and Dixon Did It all gave a extremly brilliant and memorable performance. It also helped me to relise that its the talent of these young every day people, which makes me enjoy and excited myself to want to make people realise the true beauty of new talent.

Thank You for Listening 🙂

D xxxx

  1. JayDee says:

    awesome review 😀

    xx JayDee

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