30 September 2011: Chemical Vocation


Answers by Pierre Lrsson Palmér (Lead Singer)

Hello guys – how are you?

Pierre: We are just fine thank you! Hope you are well?
What gave you the motivation to create Chemical Vocation?

Pierre: We realized that we loved the same music which was basically skate-punk and therefore wanted to play some together . But it all started to happen the first time we heard The Used and Funeral For a friend. After that we new we wanted to be a band like that.
Not only are you an amazing Swedish band, but how does it feel to be part of an amazing list of awsome Panic & Action bands?

Pierre: Thank you very much
Its very cool. its still hard to really get your stuff out there But together with great bands like HBS and Adept  i think we can accomplish everything
Whose idea was it to name the band Chemical Vocation? What other names were you considering at the time?

Pierre: It was Jocke one of the guitarists idea. We called ourselves sealed in silence at the time but felt we needed to change. He heard the name in a Bad religion lyric and we just loved it. Another name we were considering were Blood Shut Eyes.
Complete the sentance. Chemical Vocation are unique because……

Pierre: We make songs and melodies that you want to have sex with.
How happy are you about the progress the band has made so far?

Pierre: Well we are happy to be were we are today but we still feel that we should be in a different place. Hopefully the things we have in store for our fans will bring an even brighter future
What have you been upto this summer?

Pierre: We have been playing as many festivals as possible and working on some new material. 
Being in a band such as Chemical Vocation, do you feel that all the members of the group feel like family?

Pierre: Definitely! We always say that we are like a dysfunctional family 
Have you any plans to come to the UK?

Pierre: We really wants to but have nothing definitive planned for the moment. 
What is the most enjoyable show you have played this year?

Pierre: A festival called “Kalmar stadsfestival” Nothing fancy but the kids were crazy there and really gave us a night to remember
There are a number of brilliant music videos that you guys have made – which one was the most fun to create?

Pierre: The video for “We’re Not Here To Give Up”
For potential new fans, what songs (if not all) would be a good start for them to become instantly addicted to your music?

Pierre: Cold Carres, Speeding Heartbeats, Someday and All I’ve got. Those four really gives you a good idea of what we’re doing now.
What is the one thing, the majority of your followers may not know about you?

Pierre: That we are poor i guess
What goes through your head before and after you appear on stage? 

Pierre: Before I’m always exited and ready to deliver the best performance ever. Afterwards I usually just feel very satisfied. Almost the same mentality as before im having sex:) hahaha!  
What was life like for you in the early days of the band?

Pierre: Pretty much the same as now, just a bit easier in some ways. 
At shows you perform, dudes and dudettes are singing along to your songs, how happy does that make you feel?

Pierre: Its impossible to describe that feeling. But i can say that i am never as happy as when i am on stage and get to see all those people singing along with our songs. Its the best feeling in the world
What great things have the fans got in store from Chemical Vocation in coming months?

Pierre: We will release a brand new song together with Nikola Sarcevic the singer from Millencollin. We will also shoot a video for this song so you’ll have something really cool to be looking forward to. We are also planning on releasing an EP with some acoustic songs and maybe some other sweet treats so i think that 2012 is going to be a great Chemical vocation year

For amazing music videos by Chemical Vocation and other fantastic Panic& Action bands go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/PanicAndActionTV



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